Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Lorax

First of all, how smart are the people at Universal to have The Lorax premiere tomorrow?!

{and for casting Zac Efron.}

Like many other books-turned-movie, my kids are extra excited about The Lorax so I had to include it in our Dr. Seuss festivities!

There's a super cute printout from the Sub Hub of Truffula Tree tops.  She uses them to have students sequence events from the story but younger students could draw pictures for retell or just color and cut them out and use them as a decoration to their writing!  {Or take my even easier way out and print them on colored paper to begin with!!}  Colored drinking straws also make excellent tree trunks!
We'll be using this Lorax coloring sheet from HP to cut out and add to our writing.
If you're really feeling ambitious you can make this adorable life sized version, complete with directions from Mrs. Lodge's Library.
And of course, there's even an app for that & online games from the official movie website.
Your Lorax snack is a no brainer, right?  Hello cotton candy trees!  Rock UR party did it super cute with grass cupcakes.  But I don't blame you if you just give 'em a handful of puff.


  1. I love the cupcakes! I was thinking about making them for my class!!


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