Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New year, new grade.

Little Miss Glamour is still going to Kindergarten...but I'm not stopping there!  I am going to teach a K-1 combo class this year with students from both grades in my classroom.  I'm going to teach both K & 1st grade curriculums.  I'll also be working with a group of ESL students like I did a few years ago.  And that's pretty much all that I know.  :)  There will be a lot of trial & error this year and probably some confusion but I'm also excited for some challenges and something new.

Most of all, I am hopeful that I will have a lot more to share with you.  It was hard to post last year due to a few, let's say...obstacles.

*I was trying to balance being mommy & teacher for the first time.
*I didn't want to mess up my manicure by typing.
*My feet grew during pregnancy & all of my free time was spent buying shoes.
*I didn't have much freedom to be creative in my lesson planning.
*My false eyelash glue was defective & the computer screen looked blurry.

Ok, so really only two of those are true.  But I'll let you work that out on your own.  ;)  Thanks for coming back, reading & learning with me.  Let's have some fun this year and come up with new and exciting things for our kids...what do you say?!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

{another} Back to School Sale!

You heard it right...Teachers Pay Teachers is adding an ADDITIONAL Back to School sale this year! So if you missed something in their annual August sale, you have one more chance to grab it at a discount on Wednesday, August 20th to start your school year off right.

They are offering 10% off with code BOOST plus E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G in my store will already be 20% off.  So for one day only, you can get all of my products for 28% off!!  Start making your wish lists now because this sale is only 3 days away!

If you haven't already, be sure to add my new monthly homework calendars to your wish list.  They're easy, fit to one page and incorporate math & literacy common core as well as general science and social studies concepts.  There's a parent letter, too, so the work is done for you.  Did I mention the motivation behind them was to make homework simple?!  Maybe my favorite thing I've ever made.  For my ownself.  ;)

My behavior clip chart is another big seller every year.  If you're looking for a new or different behavior system, I love the clip chart.  It rewards students who make great choices, students can move up & down throughout the day {i.e. fix their choices} and who am I kidding...the poster names & characters are just too cute.  :)

Also, thank you for your entries into the My Doctor and Me ABC giveaway!

The winner of Stephanie's book is Terry!  Congratulations and let us know how you're going to incorporate this book in your health unit!

The rest of you can get this cute book on Amazon in either an ebook or paperback copy.  Now to try & enjoy {not pout through} the rest of my last Sunday of the summer...  I need an emoticon that is half smiling & half sad.  Why has that not been created yet?  ;)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Doctor & Me {a new ABC book}

Top 5 reasons I love an alphabet book:

They're fun to read.
The kids pick up on the patterns & start to predict what comes next.
They teach letters & sound with alliteration and picture clues.
They're perfect to start a lesson when you want a spin off activity.
There are so so many out there...and now there's one more!  :)

How adorable is this alphabet book called My Doctor and Me ABC?!

The author, Stephanie Cox, is a doctor herself.  Plus, her daughter was in kindergarten last year so she knows exactly what our target audience {ie. the littles at your feet} need to know.  The book cleverly works in eating well & exercise as well making healthy choices like getting enough sleep and wearing sunscreen.  Look at these cute illustrations!

I plan to use this book multiple times throughout the year.  As I'm introducing the alphabet to my kindergarten students, it'll work perfectly with my other ABC books.  But we're all teaching a health unit, at least informally {wash your hands, cover your mouth, don't eat that}, and you can totally pull this back out again to highlight different lessons.  My Doctor and Me ABC is great for teaching  vocabulary, easing fears of children who are nervous to visit the doctor and just giving kids an overview of what they'll be experiencing as they get their regular checkups.

As a farewell to summer she has graciously agreed to let me give a copy away to one of you!  Just like this blog {via Google connect or Blog Lovin, whichever you prefer} & leave your email in a comment below!  The winner will be announced Sunday, August 17th.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Kindergarten Homework Calendars

Kindergarten homework calendars are up!  I posted a freebie for you guys last September but didn't want to roll out a whole year's worth of homework without testing it out myself.  With a little tweaking {not twerking} and the addition of the summer months {what what!} I can now present to you an entire year's worth of Kindergarten homework!!  :)

There are 2 parent letters included in the download.  Personally, I don't like to check homework often so I only have my kids bring their homework back once a month.  But there's also a letter asking them to bring it back every week if that's more your style.  The letter also asks parents to add nightly reading to their homework tasks because none of the activities should take very long.  I figured y'all would be okay with that.  I also went ahead and offered up your paper, pencils & crayons for families who don't have any.  Sorry for speaking for you, but again, I know how you awesome you guys are and I had a feeling you'd have no problem sharing supplies with your families who need it.

Since there was no way to know the calendar dates for every school, I included a task for EVERY day.  I plugged in some fun stuff during major holidays but also left the activities generic so if you have students who are Jehovah's Witnesses or don't celebrate certain holidays for other reasons they won't have to be exempt from any of the activities.  And if you really don't want to have any homework assigned over your break, just white out the activities before photocopying!!  ;)

So check it out!  Teachers Pay Teachers has everything 10% off through midnight tonight but since I didn't get it posted before the start of the sale, what do you say to an extension?  ;)  The full year of homework calendars will be 20% through Saturday, August 9th!  If you're looking for homework that makes your life easier {nothing extra needed} then download this packet, leave me some feedback on TpT & get your copier number ready to make a class set!

Enjoy the rest of your summer, friends!
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