Thursday, February 06, 2014

currently & the glam baby.

The 100th day of school is Friday!  We have so much to do between now and then!  Be sure to check out my 100th Day of School ideas {and some freebies} here

Now, heeeeere's Farley!  Well, her linky party, that is.  ;)

Listening, loving, snuggling, Marlee girl tops all of these lists right now.

Did you figure out my fib?!  It's that I hate Valentine's Day.  I know there are a lot of heart haters out there but I never was one of them - even when I was single.  Um, hello, what's not to love about stuffing yourself sick on sugar hearts or throwing pink glitter at people?!  Plus I think it's illegal to hate any holiday celebrations when you're a teacher.

Pretty sure I read that somewhere.

And because it was a truth, here's a little pic of the peanut.

She may be taking after Mommy in the glam department.  Ya think?!  ;)

Head on over to Farley's blog to find some new good reads!

Monday, February 03, 2014

stress-busting tips for teachers.

Is it just me or this the hardest time of the school year?  No major holidays to celebrate.  {which means no days off.}  Kids are comfortable enough with you & each other that they start to test the boundaries.  Assessments, assessments, assessments to track growth.  {not to mention the paperwork, paperwork, paperwork that goes with it.}

On top of it, there's the mound of changes that have been made in education in the past few years.  {yeah, that's a whole can of worms that I'm not opening today!}  Sometimes it feels like there's a new initiative, law or change of some sort every time we turn around.

I created this list of stress-busters for teachers.  So grab a cup of coffee, some hot chocolate or a glass of wine {hey, no judgement here}, take a deep breath and relax.  Then pin, print or put this list somewhere to refresh your mind & remind yourself how valuable you are on those long days.

Keep loving on those kiddos & rolling with the punches.  You can do this.  :)

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