Saturday, March 01, 2014

Let's Read Across America!!

It's one of my favorite weeks of the year.  It's time for Seuss Silliness!  :)  There are a thousand activities out there for you to choose from {great literacy activities, math games, etc} including my old tried & true Dr. Seuss activities.  But this year I'm going to choose one book to focus on each day that we can really have some kindergarten fun with.

{Cat in the Hat}
I usually make eyeliner noses & whiskers to turn all of my kids into the Cat in the Hat.  But this year I think I might be the cat...

...and let them be Thing 1 - Thing 20!!  How cute are these thing hats from Kinder Kapers?!

We'll be having yummy Thing Jell-O & Cool Whip snacks, too.  {Thanks Pinterest!}  These were a super huge hit last year.

{Horton Hears a Who}
I'll probably just print these on gray paper then let the kids cut them out & put them on sentence strips.  Hilarious.  I might even make a nose to hang down between their eyes...stay tuned.  ;)

I also have a bunch of "clovers" left over from my Horton themed baby shower so we'll probably create these crafts from TippyToe Crafts.  I'm going to have the kids write about what makes people special to hang with them as well.  :)

{Wacky Wednesday}
You know I love to dress up!  We always look for the wacky things in Wacky Wednesday {you can find the eBook here to use on your SmartBoard} but Lucky in Learning took it to the next level.  If we can get approval to have a dress-up day, I am totally going to do this.  I can easily make a few things in the room wacky then the kids would use their observation skills to find & write down what is wacky!

{Daisy Head Maisy}
I think this book is so cute!  A few years ago {way before the blog so I can't find my photographic evidence} I did a bulletin board where the kids wrote on flowers.  Then we took their pictures and hung them on the bulletin board so it looked like the flowers were growing out of their heads.  Kinder Kapers made flowers out of styrofoam plates.  I feel another sentence strip crown coming on!!!

{Fox in Socks}
I like Sloan's cute printable for rhyming socks!  Instead of having everyone make -ock socks this year, I think I'll give each kid a word family so we have some variety.  {Hello differentiation!!}  Plus maybe we'll wear crazy socks with our uniforms that day, too.  ;)

Use this poster {or create a similar one} to list all of the rhyming words you can think up!

Happy Reading!!  :)

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