Thursday, February 23, 2017

No more silly mistakes!

Hi, I'm Kristin.  And I'm recovering perfectionist who has fallen off the wagon.  I can not even admit to you how long I have been working on these packets.  Let's just say, it was back in the good old days when Facebook was for posting pictures of your food and your vacation.

You guys, this is what I do.  And also, what I don't do.  If I can't do something exceptionally well or 200% accurate or absolutely done to the nines, I just don't do it at all.  That's why my closet floor very well may have fallen through the foundation from the weight of the clothes piled atop it but I wouldn't know because there are that. many. clothes. on top of the hole.  Sure, a normal person would hang up a few things a day when there was a spare minute.  Me?  Nope.  If I don't have time for a reorg, there's no point in picking up anything.  Because that makes COMPLETE AND TOTAL SENSE.

I know.  I'm a pyscho.

So these packs may not be complete.  In fact, I'm kind of hoping they aren't so you can grab them at the sale price and then get updates when the collective everyone tells me what is missing.  That's your catch for getting it on sale, ok?  You have to tell me what is missing.

This series was created for those silly little mix-ups that need to be corrected.  Reversals are so many times just habit and while yes, they are also often developmental, it doesn't mean we can't practice doing things the right way, amiright?!

The first pack is for common letter reversals.  Students will identify each letter and circle them according to the color code.  Then they fill in the missing letter to complete a label and color in the picture.  Fun!

The next pack is for common spelling pattern errors I saw in my classroom.  For example, when learning the /ar/ sound, many of them would use that any time there was an a or r in the word, even if they weren't paired correctly {ex: rake became "ark"}.  Students will highlight words with the spelling pattern you're practicing then write 6 words that contain the pattern.  They finish by choosing one of their words to write in a sentence.

Yes, some of them will copy words from the box.  Others will be able to come up with their own.  That's a great quick assessment to see who can apply it to other words.  I also decided to accept
nonsense words when I had trouble coming up with 6 for some of them!

The last pack is for commonly mixed-up sight words.  If my students consistently read saw for was, they got a practice sheet.  If they wrote my every time they meant me...practice sheet.  Practice doesn't always mean homework, either!  I'm not a paper pusher.  These can be added to reading folders, independent practice literacy centers, morning work, a quick writing warm-up, etc.  Just like in the letter packets, students will identify words and circle them according to the color code.  Then they choose the appropriate word to accurately complete the sentence and illustrate what it says.

It's also available in a bundle so you can save if you need to "differentiate your instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners."  Can you tell I've been doing this a while?  ;)

That's it!  Pin away for later or print for morning work tomorrow but grab it now while it's at a discounted price.  Then email me whatever's missing.  That's what you agree to with your purchase!
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