Friday, June 29, 2012

Sight Wordgories. {win your copy!}

{Product still available but the giveaway has ended.}

Whoa!  I got so into finishing this game that I worked right through Live with Kelly!  Let me tell you, girls, that does not happen.  So obviously, I am excited about this one.  :)  I love my Candyland Sight Word game so much that it got my wheels a-turnin as to how I could use my other favorite board games in the classroom.

Ta-da!  I introduce to you....Sight Wordgories!
It's just like Scattergories in that your students will create lists based on a category.  I've included 20 categories so you can use it across the words, social studies words, math words, you name it.  For literacy practice you can choose initial, medial or ending sounds.  There are rhyming cards to practice word families and rhyming words or you can use the word wall for sight word practice.  And then some.  :)

It's up on my TPT Store but I am going to give some away next week before I go on vacation.  That's right.  {some}  Here's the have to officially follow my blog by clicking that "Join this site" banner on the left.  Then {leave me a comment saying that you do} and that's it! For every new 100 that I hit I'll add 5 more winners!!  ;)  I know you're out there reading this anyway so just clickity click and you're in!  I'll post the winner on Friday July 6th before I leave for the Caribbean!

UPDATE: Post about this giveaway on YOUR blog then come back & leave a 2nd comment with the link for another chance to win!!!  :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

clip chart {updated}

I was asked to make a parent letter to go along with my adorable clip chart behavior system.  I've made 2 options in case you want a smaller version or a full page with space to write in your own rewards & consequences.  They're both included in the packet now so make sure you download it again.
And if you do download it, only one rule...please click that blue "Join this site" banner on the left & be an official follower so I can introduce myself and be able to share my appreciation!  :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

app for scrappin & teachin

I got an email today from Snapfish offering me a free trial for a Martha Stewart app and my initial reaction was  But, it was free and I am on vacation with nothing to do so then I figured, why not?  And I am so glad because it's fabulous!  It's called Craft Studio and you. will. love. it.

It's a brand new app and it is only free until July 8th!  There are a few free categories to choose from right now {everyday, birthday party, nature & doily lace} and you can purchase other bundles {elegant celebrations, spring, the great outdoors, vacation adventure & summer fun} for 1.99 each.  Don't you worry your pretty little head...I've already been to the app store to put in a request for school bundles.  :)

This morning I played with the free ones.  It's so great!  You can choose from a square or rectangle page & then change the orientation.  The tray on the left has all of your little tricks.
First I chose paper.  I edged the lined one and used that little tool bar {pops up when you hold down the screen} to move the layers up/down until it was on top of the blue one.  You can also lock things in place, crop, delete, etc with that tool bar.  The standard pinching function on the screen makes items bigger/smaller or allows you to tilt them on the iPad screen.
You can add text, change the font & color.
You can add stickers, stamps & draw or write with your finger in lots of colors.  Then if you pick that little glitter jar, you add glue where you want it and {wait for it} shake your iPad to see the glitter shake all over your creation!!!!  Haha!  Fabulous!!  :)
Here's my finished product...with just a few ideas of how I could use this in the classroom.
I also made this precious one of my nephew {ha!} that matches his nursery scheme.
And a birthday day card for my favorite cousin of all time who is turning 30 tomorrow!!  {shhh...I won't post it on her FB wall until tomorrow!}
I'm telling you.  Classroom possibilities are endless.  You can save your cards right to your photos or send them to Snapfish to be printed. {5x7 or 5x5 are the only options so far}   How would YOU use it?!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Dr. Seuss' ABCs

Who doesn't love Dr. Seuss?  And why are we limiting his influence to his birthday month?  Seriously...there are so so so many things to do with his literature that I've decided to stop stressing about squishing it all in to March 2nd {because I never can} and let his exposure shine all year.

Typically after reading Dr. Seuss' ABC book we make a class alphabet book.  Each kid gets to pick their own letter and write an alliterative sentence.  Kids who finish early can do a second one and we do the toughies {Q, X, Z} together.
Now, your firsties will probably be able to do that BOY {beginning of year} but our kinders?  Not so much.  So...use a circle map to have students draw things that start with the letter!
Feel free to brainstorm together for your kids who don't have a grasp on alphabetic principles yet and help them label their drawings.  {totally not cheating and perfectly acceptable for early writers!}  Or pull the Circle Map back out for Dr. Seuss' birthday - kids who struggle can use it create a "bank" of words and pictures to choose from when writing a sentence.

Growing Kinders posted a similar activity where students write & illustrate six words that begin with their letter.
Since this is one of Dr. Seuss's most rhymish stories, we also have Rhyme Time after reading it.  The kids can basically say whatever they want as long as it rhymes.  "Are you ready?" {keddy!}  "Understand?"  {gunderstand!}  "Can I go to the bathroom, wathroom?"  As long as they rhyme, I don't really care how it comes out.  The kicker: no rhymey, no talky.  ;)

I've had to remove all of my Dr. Seuss products from TpT because Seuss Enterprises, Ltd. doesn't like anyone to sell or give away any Seuss related products. long as you promise NOT to use these printables on March can download them by clicking here:  Remember, they are for alphabet & rhyming practice only in a boring, old lesson!  ;)

Happy snappy rhyming!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

oceans of fun at the beach!

In case you're taking your own little ones pool side or to the shore {or teaching on the theme because it's just perfect for summer} here are some cute and easy crafts to do.  No template to share because the're pretty easy...and end up even better when kid-created.
To add some sparkle & shine to the starfish, throw some glitter paint spots on there.  You could even add sand to the paint for additional texture or brush it on with glue before adding the glitz.
I love this sweet clam...complete with pearl inside!  We added glitter to this too {of course} because pearls are so shiny.  This would also make a great place to write about a beach trip if your kids are thinking about sending a postcard back home...or if you want to sneak in some writing practice!  ;)
Look closely at this whale for my favorite part...his teeth!  We used what we already knew about the inside of a whale's mouth {thank you, Nemo} and researched real pictures to get a better look.  Using yellow yarn came straight from a child and I thought it was the perfect thing!  You could use tissue paper or crepe paper for the water spout for a better contrast.
The octopus and jellyfish both have cute dangly legs/tentacles to wave about.  The octopus' mouth is actually on the back because once we watched a real octopus eat, this little artist knew she couldn't put a smiley mouth on the front.  {Their mouths are actually up underneath their heads!}  And the jellyfish we watched were more of a pinkish shade but my friend who chose the jellyfish didn't want HIS to be pink...{not a battle worth having, am I right?!}
Hopefully you can use the first picture above to eyeball the rest of the designs.  We added teeth to the shark and had fish of all colors and sizes but the patterns were quite simple and ended up being great for teamwork practice.  {Do you think I should put this here?  How would you make a claw?}

If you have a Discovery Education account, there are fabulous video clips there about the ocean and the animals who live there.  {If you don't, you need to start harrassing your admin to get it now.}  There are also some great clips on YouTube...just be sure to watch them before showing any kids to assure there are no potty words or icky body parts on the beach!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 what?!

Well, I have officially moved off the island.  It took a lot of time & effort {and a few tears} but I have officially moved my last 8 years out of the classroom.  And it looks so...empty!!

Where did it all go?  Why, to my home office of course!  49 boxes, 47 plastic tubs & 12 crates later...
{who needs the to run inside when it's hot out?!}
{don't be sad, Audrey.  i can still see you!}
{that takes a lot of the pow factor out of my focus wall!}
I would like to thank my sweet friend, Donna, for her thoughtful gift of this dragonfly necklace.  Dragonflies signify transition and change and your sweet words will carry me through as I move on from the island.  I'll wear it whenever I'm facing a challenge to help me remember to breathe, trust God's plan and know I made the right decision for our family.
I also love this creative print of all my family members on the island.  Can't wait to put it in my new classroom.  Once you're part of the island family, you're always part of the island family...and I am thankful for that!
And's SUMMER.  {project time}  I have a few projects from Pinterest that I can't wait to try.

{find project details on my Pinterest page}

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I think I can, I think YOU can!

Summer.  It's SO close!  There have been some milestone events occurring in the past few weeks including the birth of my precious nephew!  {Mr. Magoo as he has been appropriately nicknamed.}
I am so super proud of my sister.  She is already the best mom and has agreed to send me a new picture every day.  :)  I can't wait to go back and spend more time with them after school gets out!!!
But don't let me get ahead of myself...

Our team {the residents of K-Town} always celebrate the end of the year with a team dinner.  This one was especially special since it'll be my last dinner with these ladies.  I've been with most of them for 6 years and that's going to be a hard bond to break!
They gave me some awesome going away gifts including a new {hilarious} egg hatching kit complete with a "manual egg turner" and some glittery eggs...although they couldn't tell for sure if they were fertilized.  I guess I'll find out in 21 days if I have sparkly chickens walking around!
The signed frame is a treasure and will go with me to sit on my new desk in my new classroom at my new school.
And the gold star is to hang on my door for my new teammates to see "so they know that you're fabulous."  Do they know me or what?!  So sweet.
Plus, my neighbor Erika made me these adorable cupcakes.  Ah!!  I had to eat 2 that night...can't leave a stiletto without it's pair!  ;)
Less fun and more time consuming than that, though, is the fact that I've been packing up my whole life {totally feels like it, right?!} to empty out my classroom.  Staying 2-3 hours after dismissal isn't the most fun way to spend these gorgeous afternoons but I know it has to be done...and the stopping point seems nonexistent!  3 carloads & a couple dozen boxes later and I'm about done , getting closer, making a dent.

It's no wonder I get home and crash.
{don't you want to just kiss those little lips?!}

But...I have 2 more days and I can make it.  You can make it too!  Just hang in there and be sure to get your daily laughs.  Hopefully this will get you started as you try to figure out what in the world you're going to do in those last few hours...

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