Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sight Word Land.

I found a Candy Land sight word game on Mrs. Cooley's blog and LOVED the idea!  I, of course, had to change it a little to adapt it to my class.  I wrote sight words on the back of each card and students have to read the word before they can advance to that colored space.  I differentiated the game by creating 2 levels.  I wrote initial sight words from the beginning of the year {and those that can be sounded out phonetically} on cards with only one color space for  lower level students and harder words {those which can't be sounded out phonetically} on cards with two color spaces for higher students.  I saved the character cards for question words that we haven't technically studied yet since they have the best pay-offs in the game.  I want students to take responsibility for words they don't accurately read during the game so I created this recording sheet for words they need to practice at home.


  1. Oh! It isn't showing up but I used font "Tonight's the Night" downloaded for {FREE} from Free Scrapbook Fonts - button to the right under Blogspiration! - and my text totally looks like Candy Land candy canes!! :)

  2. Precious blog! I'm so glad you could use this with your kids! Can't wait to see more ideas from you!

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM

    You have such a fun blog! And I would totally take Little Miss Glamour as a compliment too :) Thanks for stopping by my blog: have a great week!

  4. I saw this on her blog too and made it...and my kids LOVE it! :) Great blog!


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