Thursday, February 24, 2011

George and Abe.

After studying George & Abe for the last two weeks, we created the presidents to display with our writing.  I found this George Washington craft on Mrs. Carroll's blog The First Grade Parade and just had to try it out.  They are adorable!  The students brainstormed things they learned from the various stories we read {fiction and non-fiction} and each wrote a sentence or two of their choosing...with a little encouragement from me for them to come up with original ideas.  ;)
"George Washington had hippo teeth because he lost all of his teeth."

"George Washington was a leader in the war."

My favorite fact about Abraham Lincoln is that he liked to play practical jokes and make people laugh. My students always remember the story about his muddy footprints on the ceiling! My second favorite fact is that he wasn't all that organized so he stored important papers in his stove-pipe hat. Which is where I came up with this display idea...

Ta-da!  Our papers are in Lincoln's hat too!

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