Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blogging buddies.

My current projects either have paint drying, glue to finish sticking or are otherwise just not finished.  But cute George Washingtons, Abe Lincolns and the Tooth Fairy will be showing their faces by the end of the week!

For now let me just say that I am ECSTATIC about Mrs. Lee's Community Helper unit.  She didn't have her recording sheets available for download but she emailed me EVERYTHING last night.  This is what it's all about, folks.  Sharing sharing sharing.  These are teachers that get it.  Yes we would all love to make more money, but no we aren't all about selling every little idea for a few pennies.  Maybe that's why I feel like I want to go out for a coffee with all of my new blogging buddies.  I feel like we should really be real life friends.  :)  Thank you, Mrs. Lee!  I can't wait to use your centers with my students in a couple of weeks.

And while I'm at it...Mrs. Smith's Dr. Seuss unit and Mrs. Martin's St. Patrick's day units will be premiering soon as well!

Is there such a thing as a virtual Starbucks?!


  1. I ABSOLUTELY love this post. I truly believe that sharing is what we should all be embracing!!!

  2. If Blogland was like Facebook and had a like button, I'd like this!


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