Monday, February 28, 2011

Can you tell me how to get...

...good reading strategies??

We've been talking about reading strategies all year and my kids have gotten pretty good at using them.  In fact, we keep tallies on the board when the kids say "I predict...", "I can make a connection with..." or "When I use my picture clues, I see..."  When they get 10 tallies in any of the categories, we stop what we're doing and have a dance break.  {Usually a HSM song since they're pretty much just super fun.}  I started the tally count to encourage them to use their reading strategies but I figured a visual cue might be just as helpful.  I didn't want to use Cars or Toy Story 3 or anything else that would be out of style in a few years so I wanted to choose something more timeless.  And what's more timeless and classic than Sesame Street?!  So...I created these posters and hope to have them around for a good number of years.  :)

Elmo is visualizing Dorothy swimming around while Bert & Ernie make predictions about Rubber Duckie.

The Count is summarizing a story {as he loves to count, even ordinally} and Big Bird is using his picture clues to tell what is happening in the story.

Zoe and Elmo are making connections to her family while Grover uses his imagination to become Super Grover!

Telly always asks questions {even if it's because he's worrying} to find out more about a story.

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  1. Anonymous9:52 PM

    These are fantastic! You should totally set them up on Teachers Pay Teachers: I'd definitely get these! Thanks so much for sharing!!! And the tallies are a great idea too!


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