Friday, March 30, 2012

ed & ing {verb work}

I loosely taught the ing ending at the beginning of the year because it's an easy one to remember.  See ing, say ing! like you're ringing a bell.  Most of them get it just like that...but only in reading recognition, not so much when it comes to writing it themselves.

I figured this was just as good a week as any to teach it during writing, and ed right along with it!  The Teacher Wife made this awesome word ending unit that I bought last year and really used it to teach and practice all week.  {I love how her ed people are old and her ing people are students.  So relevant to past and present!!}
We started by putting ed and ing on the SmartBoard and filling in a 3 column chart with the verb in the middle.  {walked, walk, walking}  To help the kids remember that ing is happening now, I had them get up and act out whatever verb they came up with.

Then they created their own old ed and now ing characters like the ones from the packet.

After that I gave them each an outline with flower pieces.  I wrote either ed or ing in the center of their flower and set them loose to add the ending to whichever verbs they chose!  {Easy differentiation: ed was harder because the students had to know which verbs didn't make sense that rided/rode and which already ended in e so they didn't add it dance.}
They cut grass from the scrap bucket, I added a glitter stem and a sun with their name and voila!  Our verbs are displayed proudly for all to see in a happy spring fashion.  :)
If you'd like to make it yourself, get the packet above from The Teacher Wife or click below for my free flower download!

I'm officially on Spring Break and ready to just relax.  Starting with a trip to see The Hunger Games tonight {finally!}.  Happy Weekend friends!


  1. Love the Teacher Wife!! And the flowers turned out great!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Looks like a great activity pack! I'm on my way over now to check it out. Thanks for offering the flower petal freebie!

    Teaching With Love and Laughter


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