Monday, April 02, 2012

parent-teacher contact log

So it's Spring Break and the weather outside is...well...not great for my original plan of sitting by the pool all week!
But I suppose being stuck in the house will force me to get some things done and be productive!  I have big plans to make files for an organized notebook but {of course} my list of items to include is sitting on my guided reading school.

So help me out.  What would you want to be included in an organization binder?  I'm thinking more than Running Record pages - there are already great ones out there - but places to jot down notes of ideas that come to you during your group, data pages to see all assessment scores at a glance, etc.

What would YOU want to see in a file of printable pages?  Here's a freebie to get you thinking.  ;)  The 2nd page is just the contact log without the title so you can reproduce as many pages as you need.
I'll be back tomorrow to get working on all of your brilliant requests!!  ;)

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