Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Fashion Find {shoe-la-la}

Will you!  I have a new favorite book!
This book appeared in my mailbox yesterday afternoon with a note inside from our media teacher.  Just because she knows me and that it's my thang to teach in heels.  When I went to thank her for getting it she said "You can think of us next year when you read it.  We'll miss you!" to which I responded only appropriately...waaaaah!!!

I am such a crier.  And gearing up for this transition {while and good one and one I am not regretting!} is already taking a toll.  Do you know how ridiculous it is to pack a classroom you've practically lived in for 6 years?  {plus a previous 2 years' worth of stuff.}  I will never complain about moving houses again because at least you know that everything in there is yours and you don't have to try and sort through what goes and what stays!

After a 12 hour day I'm just pooped.  But if anything will lift my spirits it's this sassy story.  The four friends go shoe shopping and try on every shoe they can find {even a pari that matches her underwear!} but to their own demise {and that of the poor shop keeper} they can't find anything they like.  What's a girl to do?!

Make your own fancy shoes!  {obvi}

I love love love the story and will cherish it as a gift from my first teaching home.  Your girls will love it and if you give your kids a shoe decorating challenge I have a feeling the boys won't mind it either.  {hmmm...I feel a project coming on!}

Ok, and while you're shopping, pick up some spray paint for your own DIY neon toe party!!
Happy Friday friends.  Soak it in!
P.S. This just in!  Express is having a buy one, get one half off sale on the ENTIRE store this weekend!
Go to their Facebook page and click the link to get an email sent to you with the coupon.  Offer is good online or in store.  Looks like it's time for a shopping trip!  ;)


  1. That book looks absolutely adorable--

    meet me at the zoo...

  2. What a cute looking book especially for shoe-aholics.
    Where are you going?

    1. I'll still be in the same school district but moving a school that's practically across the street from our house. I'm commuting about half an hour right now and it's not TOO bad but it'll still be nice to be close! :)

  3. You teach in heels?!? Oh my goodness I could never do that! I've managed to find the most comfortable shoes on the planet and I wear them every day! Your blog makes me laugh - good luck with the move!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade


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