Thursday, April 19, 2012

it be pirate day matey! {ar}

Shiver me timbers it was pirate day!  We usually save pirates for one of our year end themes but this year me teammates were scurvy dogs and decided to choose something else.  I had no choice but to make them walk the plank!!  {or just decide to do pirates on my own}  Lucky for them, Abby has a pirate unit sure to make yas party.

Because the story of Pirate Mark would take a lot of colored ink would only allow one child at a time to read it, I pulled it up on the SmartBoard instead.  I read the story while the kids wrote down /ar/ words they heard {in the packet} then we read the story together and identified all of them.

Then we made ar pirate people to hold our list of /ar/ words.  {one of the many wonders of the world...Monday's Pete craft with ZERO help was a complete success.  today's pirate craft using 100% tracers...nightmare.  note to self: pre-cut next year!!!}  But they did turn out adorable!
Once we left the classroom for lunch we finally began our /ar/ word hunt!  There were 16 /ar/ words hidden around the school {helps to email staff members ahead of time and ask them to be aware!} and when we came upon one they were allowed to break their hallway silence, give a hearty swing of the arm and say arrrr!
They loved that one in the cafeteria line!  :)  I purposely left the last one with our technology teacher and told her not to let them see it until the end of class.
Once we had all 16 {and practiced reading them again} we were off to find an X that held the treasure...candy bars!
And what good is a pirate without a good pirate hat?!  We made these from black construction paper and used the construction paper crayons {a personal favorite} to make jewels.  We've used sequins in the past, I just didn't have time today to wait for them to dry!
This was a great unit from Abby and well worth the money.  And only ONE of my kids was still sounding it out at the end of the day.  {You've been a pirate all day and said arrrr approximately three thousand times...what more do you want from me?!}

I have a special Friday Fashion Find for tomorrow.  Until then...buckle down me hearties, it's almost the weekend!


  1. Cute!!!!!!!! :-)

  2. Love your pirates...and I recognize those sound spelling cards, you must use Open Court. ☺
    First Grade is Fantabulous!

  3. Kristin this is adorable! We do Open Court as well (saw the sound cards on the wall;) and how terrible is the armadillo! Bet your kids went nuts and actually now will remember the spelling and have the sound down pat! So super cute!

    Christy & Tammy

    1. We don't even get that set of cards in kindergarten so we're on our own to teach ar, aw, oo, ee...whatever else there is in there. :) Hopefully by the time they see that ugly armadillo they won't need much more than a reminder!

  4. Love it!! Thanks for sharing.
    Mrs. Bremer’s Kindergarten


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