Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Miss Bindergarten has a {wild} day...

Whew!  I love books like this one.

It's a reminder that even the best of us has a rough day.  With the end of the year coming closer this could be one of those saving grace stories so of course I had to come up with some activities to go with it!  {s - t - r - e - t - ch that lesson out!}

The first is a Brace Map to help show {cause & effect}.  The kids choose characters from the story to draw on the left then draw how their behaviors effect Miss Bindergarten on the right.  This is also a good transition into a discussion on making good behavior choices!  ;)
{Miss Bindergarten is sad.}

{Miss Bindergarten is tired.}
The second is a writing activity to explain {text-to-self connections}.  After our discussion on how each child's behavior choices can effect other people in the school, they wrote about their personal daily choices.
{I clip down.  Mrs. Young feels sad.}
{When I be wild that's my choice.  If I be crazy that is interrupting.}
I had to add that "accident" box at the bottom for my sweet little girls who always do the right thing so they didn't get all upset about making a mistake!  We decided that most of the kids in Miss Bindergarten's class weren't being disruptive on purpose {minus maybe Franny and her fancy pants!} and that there's a difference in those choices.

This would be a great beginning of the year activity for First Graders getting acclamated back into the school routine *OR* you can use it at any point {like...per se...in the last 7 weeks of school} as a good reminder.

Plus maybe throw in a fun activity or prize for them to earn by not being wild.  It's not bribery...it's follow-up practice!  ;)


  1. I will have to pass this on to my teacher friend in kindergarten. She could use this activity right ab
    out now!!

  2. Yes, many wild days in Kindergarten for me right now. Senioritis at 6 years old, who knew? It is reassuring to know it does happen to the best of us, I hadn't thought about it that way before.

    Thank you for sharing all your activity ideas! :)


  3. Did you create an example to model? If so, can I see that? I'm confused as to how to go about explaining what they should write.


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