Tuesday, April 10, 2012

classroom must-haves. {and some news}

As I told you yesterday, I have some news.  I've lost my mind with the new nail color trends.
Ok, no, that's not really it.

{deep breath}

I will be switching schools next year.  My current school is the only place I've ever taught and certainly feels like home.  I teach with my best friends and our staff has a definite sense of family.  I've grown up and learned who I am not only as a teacher, but as a person, within the walls of that classroom.  I've made mistakes, received recognition, worked toward a graduate degree and my National Board certification and learned what it really means to be an educator in today's world.

But next year I will be moving.

I'm excited and sad about it all at the same time.  I never thought I'd leave this school, especially of my own accord.  Nothing happened to make me transfer, the opportunity just kind of fell in my lap.  And while I know that the new school will be different {plus closer and with an earlier dismissal bell!} I'm so excited about the possibility of what can happen there.  Maybe I'll go for my doctorate!  This will be the place our kids will most likely end up for their first school experiences!  I can continue to learn and grow while sharing my ideas - and yours! ;) - with a brand new team of awesome educators.  I'm nervous because it's always hard to be the new addition to the family but I also know that change is good and this transition is one I am meant to make for the next season of my life.

One of the most exciting things is that I feel like I can start anew with my classroom!  I'll have no choice to break out of the same layout and routine I've used the past 6 years.  While my head is spinning with organization and possibility, I need to begin to narrow it down and think more concretely.  {After all, the only way to complete a Pinterest project is to choose just one and actually start it, right?!}  So that's why I've created this Linky Party.

What's on your Top 5 {gotta have it} list for the classroom?

Here's mine:

To play along just {right click} copy the picture below, paste it {in Microsoft Word} and add a text box over top.  Save it as a picture and upload it to your blog.  Then come back here with the link and add it!

Help me figure out what to add, delete, change, edit, create, toss or keep for next year!  Imagine it's your dream classroom.  Anything is possible!  :)  And hopefully you'll all find some inspiration as well!


  1. LOVE the nails and your wedding ring!!!! GORGEOUS!!!! I can't wait to join your linky party!!!! :-)

    1. Thanks! :) You're sweet. The hubs TOTALLY picked it out himself. I wasn't even allowed in a ring store! lol Thanks for joining up friend!! <3

  2. I forgot to say congrats on the new school and move! Exciting changes!!! :)

  3. Congrats and good luck (though I bet you won't need it!!)!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. I am in the same situation, so I am looking forward to the must haves people share. I NEVER thought I would be leaving my current school, which I LOVE, but next year I will be opening a new school in my district. It is very bittersweet, but I am excited for my new journey. If anyone has any advice, tips, must have things, etc, I'm open to the suggestions.
    Congratulations and enjoy your new journey!!!

    1. Wow! I've helped start 2 churches and have loved that both times. I haven't opened a new school but I'm sure it'll be similar. So exciting!! :) We'll have to be sure to swap stories!

  5. I changed like you last fall and it has had its ups and downs, but I'm overall glad I did it. It helped me get out of my comfort and I'm a better teacher because of it.

  6. Yay!! What a fun way to start a new school year! Cute linky party idea :)

  7. I moved to a new school this year by choice. I changed my room totally! It was fun creating from the ground up. I'm still changing things around. Good luck!

    I'm your newest follower from TBTS!

    Classroom Companion

  8. I moved to a new school 6 years ago. I actually moved AWAY from my children's/neighborhood school (my kids have grown far past elementary school)... it was a difficult decision but I'm SO glad I did it. Change is good. :D I loved being able to have a completely fresh start.
    Like your linky idea.
    Dragonflies in First

  9. I think fresh starts are so great!! Its always scary to make changes, but it's so amazing what you learn along the way. I have tought in 4 different states and have gained so much from all of my experiences. Congrats on the bold move and good luck:) I love your linky party and btw I am your newest follower.

    Surfin' Through Second

  10. I truly believe things happen for a reason! You never know the differences you may make for others because of the choice you made. We moved into a new school this year and I can tell you after teaching in the same room for so many years-you don't even know the stuff you have. It is good to start fresh every once in awhile! Good luck to you.


  11. Good Luck with the move! Kudos to you for making a decision that takes some guts. I'm sure it will pay off!

    Love your blog {and the story behind it's title!}. We linked up! Great idea :)))

    Across the Hall in 2nd

  12. Congrats on 'the move'!
    New school, new year, new team, new dreams = amazing opportunities ahead.
    My Second Sense

  13. Joshua will miss you! Congrats on your new job.

  14. What a fun linky party. I'm giving away all of my favorite things this week. I'd love for you to check it out.

  15. Love your nails! I joined the party. Come visit me...



  16. I'm also switching schools next year. This will be my 4th school since I started teaching in 2000. I have been at my current school since we opened 6 years ago. I have taught kinder for 8 years and the last 2 years I have been teaching 4th grade and next year I am not only switching schools but I am also going back to teaching Kinder! I am SO excited!! I never realized how much I missed Kinder over the past 2 years until I found out I would be returning. Change is good especially after 6 years, you will feel refreshed and excited! Good luck!

    BTW great LInky!! I linked up and am following your blog. Would love to have you pop over and cheek out mine! http://krazykinderteacher.blogspot.com/

  17. I'm your newest follower!! Love your blog "look"!!! I wish I was comfortable in heels:(

    1...2...3...Teach With Me


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