Sunday, April 15, 2012

the theory of opposites.

have you ever had a non-weekend?  one that wasn't just busy but SO busy you were actually excited to "sleep in" monday morning?  that was us this weekend.

the ever so inspiring kim mcmanus from mosaic {la} came to town to do a women's conference for us and i was her up-close and personal assistant for the weekend.  she made us laugh, she was encouraging and she even inspired our men this morning by speaking at our regular sunday services.

but now, at the end of the weekend, i am straight up tired.  {too exhausted even to hit the shift button apparently.  what's up with my no-capital form?!}

in fact, that's why i'm here.  this has nothing to do with teaching and i don't have anything to give you.  but in my sleep depraved state i am one thing.  a grouch.  one snap at the hubs and i knew it was time to remove myself from anyone's company.

kim talked to us this morning about the theory of opposites when dealing with conflict.  in a nutshell, do the opposite of what you feel like doing.  if you want to yell, speak softly.  if you want to get away from someone, go nearer to them.  if you want to avoid an issue, address it.  if you want to retaliate, just move past it.  {if you want to snap at your husband because he was noisy when you were trying to nap, don't.}

what a great principle that would be in our classrooms!  i can be successful with counting to 10 so i don't scream or using a time-out table instead of sending a child across the hall.  but this theory of opposites and fighting those emotional reactions is such a good one.  because the other smack-you-in-the-face-good point she made was this: people are watching.  our students are watching.  their parents are watching.  our coworkers are watching.  and not only that but they are following the models we set for them.  if i'm seeing a pattern of impatience, emotional reacting or {fill in the blank} in my classroom, chances are good my kids learned those moves from me.

just something to think about tomorrow as you meet monday morning head on.  keep the positive in your mind and the love in your heart.  {plus maybe an extra large cup of coffee}.

{i encourage you to listen to kim's message on living like you're alive.  she'll be my reminder for tomorrow's morning commute!}

p.s.  i don't know why it's taken this long for me to get on the pete the cat bandwagon but come back tomorrow for some new pete-tastic ideas!!  ;)


  1. This post really gave me something to think about and I'm so happy you shared it. I think we all need to be reminded about how our behavior affects those around us. I love Pete the cat and his "It's all good!" philosophy, but every now and then things just aren't good and we have to deal with the best way we know how. I'm going to give the "Do the opposite" approach a try.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your blog! I'm your newest follower.
    Oh, and I just finished my non-springbreak.

    such is life!


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