Sunday, April 22, 2012

pizza {number} combinations.

I saw this adorable fraction pizza from Mrs. Lemons {Step into Second} and my first thought was...I wish we taught fractions!  Wait, no I don't.  Because math is hard.  I mean...I wish I could do something with that cute pizza!
And then, in a moment of Sheldon brilliance, it came to me.

It seems we're teaching number combinations from here til the end of our lives the school year and these would be perfect!

Trace something round to make 2 circles.  {I usually opt for the bottom of my globe.}  Then draw lines down each one to separate into pieces.  I went ahead and cut the yellow one for my students to help with time management.  :)
The kids can use markers {or use the scrap bucket} to create their toppings.  Make sure there are only 2 types of toppings on each slice.  I had the kids use only toppings they like.  {you'll see why in a minute!}
I pulled this picture up on the SmartBoard for examples of how to draw the ingredients since mine all just looked like circles.
Glue just the edges of the yellow paper to the red circle then students lift the flap and write their number sentence underneath.
For subtraction...complete the same steps but "pick off" icky toppings like anchovies or onions by crossing them out.
You could make 2 separate pizzas or combine them like ours.

Either way...tasty math and hopefully a new activity for you to use!  Thanks for the idea Amy!  :)


  1. Very creative!!!

  2. I LOVE that idea! So much fun! Thanks for sharing!!

    Oh My Little Classity Class

  3. I love using the pizza toppings to add and subtract! Did you have each student make their own entire pizza, or did they make pieces?


    1. Each kid made one pizza {3 adding and 3 subtracting pieces each} but you could totally make this a group project and have them collaborate. Good idea! :)

  4. Hi Kristin! I LoVe reading through your blog. I think I will do this with my students and we are currently singing "I am a Pizza" by Charlotte Diamond!
    Thanks for the idea,

    1. Hi Kristin! ;) I'm now off to look up that song...thanks for the idea!


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