Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Fashion Find.

I'm love love loving this one.  And while I've yet to try it, I do have Spring Break coming up soon.  So in the words of Barney Stinson...wait for it...

glitter shoes.

Whether you're going for pumps or flats, this style is in!  And so super fun.  You can wear jeans and a t-shirt and be ready to go out {to dinner, to a party, to the park, whatever} just by throwing on some sparkle and shine.

This first tutorial gave me a heart attack because she glittered up her Loubs.  {Lord help me if I ever feel like I have enough money to justify spending so much on some Louboutins, I will certainly not be making any adjustments!!}
If you're not so ready to rock the stilts, you can do just the same with your worn out ballet flats.
Speaking of Loubs, if you're envious of that statement sole...glitter it up instead!  {Just use red glitz!}
Or if your shoes look like mine {tattered and torn...worn in...loved} cover up the peeling material by ripping it off and covering what's left!
Wedge wearers, I didn't forget about you.  Follow any of the steps to add some sparkly height!
The best part is, you already have the secret ingredient in your home-at-school supply stash...
{modge podge!}

Actually, maybe I can't wait for Spring Break!  Happy creating.  Send a picture if you try it out.  From your classroom of course!  ;)


  1. Ooolala! I'm currently *obsessed* with shoes! I love this!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. I love glitter! Too cute!

  3. Oh my!!!! I'm in love over and over and over again!! Spring break is here and I just might have to give this a try! I saw the sole ones on Pinterest, but haven't seen the others! Love glitter!

  4. I love it. You crack me up.

    You wanted my brown bear for kindergarten, so I made it for you!

    I moved my blog because I may not always be in first grade since I am thinking of looping. So the new blog is Come on over and follow me at the blog and get your Brown Bear book!

  5. No way thank you thank you! I can't wait to try this! Check out my blog for a free Easter download and idea. Not as cool as your post but it's free! :)


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