Thursday, October 04, 2012

fall = time to integrate science & literacy.

Our hallway tree is updated!

Today I added our leaf books to the apple books.  We recorded our observations from our leaf walk combined with using the word wall.  Boom.  Super lesson.  Also super easy.  Just find some good fall vocabulary cards or make your own by drawing pictures and labeling!

Then we used our fall collections to make leaf creatures.  Thank you Lois Ehlert, we LOVE the Leaf Man!!  Actually, we started with the printable leaves from the Harcourt website.  And tomorrow we're going to choose some items from our collections to jazz 'em up a little bit.

We're also going to do some writing.  Either labeling the parts or writing a sentence...haven't quite decided yet.  ;)  Watch for updated photos tomorrow!

In the meantime, you should probably go over to Lanier's Lions to get this adorable Roll & Record freebie.  We played it today {"1st grade math?! You guys are too smart!"} and look forward to using it the rest of the month.
I love finding great activities to add to the rotation!  If you're looking for more, you're welcome to follow my Fall or Halloween Pinterest page!

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