Monday, October 22, 2012

Who is hiding this Halloween?

Another Halloween freebie.  Because it's just fun.  :)  {click on either picture for the free download}
Whatever you call adjectives in your classroom {descriptive words, sparkle words, detail words, adjectives...} your kids will love this activity.  Have your kids draw a picture of themselves in the middle of the bubbles.  {or for a super fun extension use a photo of them in a scary position!}  Then have them write six descriptive words {sparkle words, details, yadda yadda} to fill in the bubble map around them.
Once the writing is complete, give each student one ghost to cut out and glue over their picture.  Be sure they only glue the top part so it pops off the page like a lift the flap want people coming to read your writing to be able to check their predictions!  ;)

You could also challenge your smarties by having them describe a classmate, book character or a classic Halloween spook instead!  Words from the graphic organizer can always be used to then write a sentence {or more} as well.

Super cute, right?!  This idea was totally inspired by Ms. Smith and the craftivity she created for her 3rd graders.  Since my kinds aren't quite ready to write yet, I needed something with a little more structure to support their current level of independence.  But if you want a bigger {cuter!} craft to hang, be sure to go get her unit, complete with templates for the project.

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  1. I love calling them exciting words. My students always ask me... "Do I have enough exciting words here?" So cute.

    Did you notice that I boo-ed you last week. I thought I sent you a message. Check it out....

    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids


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