Thursday, October 18, 2012

scarecrow glyph.

What are your thoughts on glyphs?  I go back & forth. Sometimes I think they're adorable and allow for fine motor practice {that less & less kids seem to be getting at home} but without much academic weight.  Other times I think they fit right in the curriculum.

I'm still deciding.  So I experimented again.
{click on the picture to download}
Deanna Jump has the cutest scarecrow I've ever seen in her Scarecrow unit.  But instead of using the booklet on the front, I used her template to try my hand at another glyph.  We read lots of non-fiction books from the library and gathered as much "research" as we could about farms, asking ourselves questions as we went.  After our brains were full of farm goodness, we created these glyphs to show our data.
After they were finally finished {I recommend 2 social studies blocks for this one} we brought them to the carpet during math to classify, sort & count our data.  {Common Core K.MD.3}
Since we pulled them back out in math to really look at their choices and talk about the differences, I think they understood that the scarecrows aren't just cute {although they're adorable!} but that they also tell us information.

You could also use this in literacy as a follow-up activity to a book.  In that case I would probably use Common Core K.SL.3 {ask and answer questions in order to seek information}.

You're welcome.  ;) glyph or not to glyph in kindergarten?  Are they successful and rigorous and differentiated {and all those other buzz words} enough to be quality instruction??  Thoughts on all sides welcome!

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  1. Good ideas Kristen. I think it's all according to what you do with it! I was planning a scarecrow to tie in The Little Old Lady... with our beginning geometry unit next week. Now, I think I'll make it a glyph :)

    Donna W.


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