Saturday, October 13, 2012

ABC recognition.

I saw this adorable idea on Pinterest for letter recognition.
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But when I went to find the printable, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for.  She has letter path printables but I wanted multiple letters to show up on the same page so I created one!
{click to download}
I put letter cards {any kind will work} in my pumpkin bucket.  Students pulled one out then "dobbed" wherever they saw it on the paper.  When they switched to a new letter, they also switched to a new color for easier assessment on my part.  ;)

You can differentiate the activity by only putting a few letters in the bucket depending on what each student needs to work on.

If you don't have BINGO dobbers you can use highlighters, markers, whatever!

If you don't use this activity during the Halloween season, use a regular bowl or bucket.  Or use a black pot with the letters on gold for St. Patrick's day.  Or pull them from a stocking at Christmas.  Ooh!  Or a sand pail when it's almost summer!  A heart shaped box at Valentine's day!!  A bunny bag at Easter...

I like where this is going.  ;)


  1. Love when the same activity can be modified for other holidays! Tricky, tricky, tricky ;)

  2. wonderful idea!!!!!!! Thanks for the abc sheet too!

  3. THanks for sharing! I love this and I especially love using the $1 buckets from Wal-Mart!!

    Kindergarten Korner

  4. So educational, so easy and so fun!! This idea ticks all of my boxes...thank you for sharing.


  5. Cute! This looks like an easy and fun activity! My preschoolers love those little dabbers! Definitely on my list for when we start working more with letter recognition in the coming weeks.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Teaching Munchkins

  6. Thanks for sharing! I love activities like this and can't wait to put it to use!!
    ❤Mrs. McKown
    Little Literacy Learners

  7. Thank you! I will be adding it to my Word Work station tomorrow. :)

  8. My kids love this word work station!! They would do it everyday if they could :)

    First Grade Garden

  9. I love this activity. You are such a cutie!

  10. wow! we did this activity today and it was a hit! I had students asking to "do it again" during free choice time! Thanks so much!

  11. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Looks like a new Literacy Center activity...yesss! My Pre-K friends will really "run" to do this activity...maybe I won't hear...where the Literacy Center?

  12. I like how you created your own version to include all the letters (I created the one in the picture to include only the letters of my daughter's name) and I like the idea of pulling letters from a bucket!

    If you don't mind, I will link to your blog to help those looking for something more like this :)


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  15. I love this idea. I am going to modify it for older students by having them search and find sight words. Genius!

  16. I will be using this tomorrow in centers! Thanks for the doc also! Love when we share great ideas!

  17. Thank you! I'll be using this tomorrow! :)

  18. This is perfect. We have STATE people observing this week. They want to see collaboration, small group, and independent all happening during their 15 minute visit. My kinder-bears are going to rock their minds when they explain this activity and the standard it meets. Thank you.

  19. Love it! Virtually no prep! My kids are going to love this center!

  20. This is great. I'm going to use a number grid and fill the pumpkin with numbers cards 1-120. They can pull out a number and find it on the number grid! Independent math center!!!


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