Monday, October 29, 2012

at-home packets.

I spent my weekend writing sight word flash cards, highlighting activities that each kid needs to practice at home and making number cards.  Luckily, this was all work I could do while catching up on Bridezillas and watching reruns of The Cosby Show {for the ten zillionth time}.  Because today was...ta-da!...Parent-Teacher Conferences.

This is the packet I sent home at my conferences...a little varied based on each child's need.

{Reading A-Z books, sight word flash cards for 1st & 2nd quarter and number cards along with my Common Core checklist for parents - now available in Spanish too!}

I previously sent this packet within the first couple weeks of school for my few that were really struggling and not making appropriate growth.

 {tracing capital & lowercase letters and Handwriting Without Tears letter formation cues}

{I can Read It bag - letters or sight words mastered go inside to build confidence - and name from MyMoondrops}

 {cutting practice & Handwriting Without Tears number formation cues}

I also include a pencil, scissors, dry erase marker and crayons along with ABC flashcards {capital on the front & lowercase on the back}.  What do you send with your kids to have them practice at home??


  1. How sweet of you to do this for each of your students!! I bet your classroom parents are so thankful they got you as a teacher.


  2. Thank you for sharing! I'm planning to do this with a few of my students and wasn't sure what to include.

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  3. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Hey there Kristin, your blog is the shoes design of the whole site...By the way, I also like your post about Home Packets, they maybe seem simple yet so much powerful when introduce to students...

  4. Your "Common Core for Parents" is exactly what I need for conferences! Hopping over to TpT!!

  5. Love how cute your blog is! Thanks for the great P-T Conference resources!! These are great!
    The Connected Teacher


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