Sunday, May 06, 2012

bugs & insects.

I've kept you waiting so I won't put it off any longer.  Here are some more great bug and insect ideas for you!

We colored this page from Mr. Eric Carle himself then cut it out and glued the pieces in order on a sentence strip...for a crown of course!
Then we made super stretcher sentence caterpillars with one word on each segment.  Yay for wanting to use a lot of adjectives and stretch it out!
{plus a hint of our pasta butterfly life cycle on green leaves.}
Then we made beautiful tissue paper butterflies on wax paper for the windows.  Color scheme was up to each kid.
Some were patterned or planned and others were willy nilly but they all help make our view more beautiful!
Of course this was the day I left my external hard-drive at home with Deanna's bug unit so I had to quickly make up our own stationery pages with her awesome idea.
 I only had 2 colors of ink pads but think our fingerprint bugs still made cute decorations!  :)

Thursday morning was pretty rough {explained in my last post} so I was extremely thankful for The Magic School Bus Gets Ants in Its Pants to get the stay started more easily.  We used Kelly's cute pattern to record our ant facts.
Then we read Hey Little Ant and used Kelly's persuasive writing journal page.  Would you step on the ant?  Some said yes...

...and some said no!

We made insect pattern crowns by choosing bug picture squares {found in my bug box from who knows what!} and then continuing the pattern with pictures.  Loved them.

Lastly we read The Grouchy Ladybug and wrote about how we would cheer him up.

Be sure to check last week's post for ideas on bees, diagrams, entomologist tools and a few freebies.

Guess it's time for me to go finish off the leftover dirt pudding...worms included.  ;)


  1. Love those tissue paper butterflies!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  3. LOVE the ideas! I am def going to use a few with my preschoolers this week... and I need to get my hands on those books you mentioned! LOL Even though I have a zillion Bug Books in my possession!

    Oh and btw- I am your newest follower! Stop by and visit me sometime!

    Teaching Munchkins

  4. I love the butterflies and ladybugs. Super cute!
    Come check out my giveaway today! It's for a free membership to ESGI.

  5. Such great ideas Kristin! Little Miss Glamour's kinder class must be super cute with all these fun bug activities! Hope you had a great Monday!


    Sprinkle Teaching Magic


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