Sunday, February 26, 2012

Target dollar bin for organizing!

I got these super cute organizers in the Target Dollar Bin this week!  I had to get them because they go right along with my literacy groups.  I loooooove color coding!!  {I'll just slap a yellow star on the black ones and it'll be perfect.}
The question now is...what do I do with them?!  Yes, another purchase without reason.  But they are the right colors and will help me organize...something.  :)  The buckets can be used for literacy games or storage if nothing else.  And the expandable files...for what?!

Feel free to share your great ideas!!  :)
{hint, hint}

They also had these cute little bug masks for $1 each.  Creepy crawlers coming in the spring!
And loads of St. Patrick's Day goodies if you need some.  I already have a hat and some beads but thought these buttons were pretty cute.  6 for $1?  Um, ok!
They had Easter items too.  Head on over for some good, cheap buys.  Then come back and share what you've found!


  1. I love Target dollar bin. I use the expandable files to put all of my literacy/math games in for a specific community helpers,ect.

  2. Love this!! Link it up to My Fabulous Finds! {I think the link is still active anyway...} It would be cute if you put the recording sheets in the expandable files! But not sure how accessible it would to be the little hands. I like Ms. Brown's idea too!

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  4. I use the expandable folders to keep all my originals for each unit of my language arts series (Treasures). I have 6 different colors, one for each unit. Each unit has 5 weeks and the expandable folder has 5 tabs. So it is perfect!

  5. I just the expandable folder to keep my calendar pieces for each month. Also, I store my common core standards that I got from Deanna Jump in the expandable folder, separating them by strands. Hopefully that helps :)

  6. Thanks ladies, great ideas! Miss Nguyen, if I was as organized as you and had all of my standards printed that would be great. Maybe I'll keep it empty as a reminder to get on the ball! :)


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