Thursday, February 09, 2012

{nationwide} valentine exchange.

Have you seen Scholastic's valentine exchange idea?!
Basically, your kids make a valentine that list their 3 favorite books and you send them to scholastic.  Your valentines go to a class somewhere else in the country and within 4 weeks you get valentines back from kids just like your students!

Love it.  But I in the world are my kinders supposed to get 3 book titles - plus decorations - on a small little heart?!  Hence, I came up with these options.  They are simple so please put them on some construction paper then sticker and glitter away!!!

6 small designs
 or 3 large designs

Feel free to use yourself and share with other pre-K, kindergarten and 1st grade teachers who are also participating.  How great would it be for our students to connect with valentines from co-blog-buddy classrooms?!  If you use these printables or receive them in your classroom, let me know!  I'll be really curious to see how far they travel!  :)

If you're not involved with Scholastic yet, you can use them for a "We love Reading" bulletin board or new Valentine's day writing activity!

For more rules and specifics go to Scholastic.  The contest is open through February 21st.

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  1. I did see the Scholastic Valentine exchange but I wasn't sure if I'd do it... but now that you put up a template, maybe I will! :) Thanks!!

    Marvelous Multiagers!


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