Wednesday, February 08, 2012

{matching} setting & characters.

The last couple of weeks in writing we began writing real actual books {read: the same paper we always use but full size and folded in half.}  We started by retelling Amazing Grace, which went with our literacy unit "Stick to It."  Then, after reading A small brown dog with a wet pink nose {such a cute book!} they wrote about having an imaginary friend.
We used this organizer to plan the beginning, middle and end of the story then transferred the idea to a real book.  {click the example for a copy.}
Granted, some of the plots were not all that developed {you'll see!} but at least they all had 3 parts.  Here's one of my favorites:
 "Imaginary Cat Illustrated by Jada"
 Once upon a time a time a little {boy} wanted a cat but her mom said no.  He pretended he had a cat.
 They went in the shower because the little {boy said} look at my cat.  He loves the cat in the shower.
 We got our clothes on us because we helped each other go outside to play.
This week we moved to discussing setting and characters and how they have to match up.  I introduced it using this outline from Lanternfish that we completed together in class.  We named the setting and listed characters that would belong in each.
Then I printed these setting cards from SparkleBox.  Each kid chose a setting card, planned the characters and wrote their own creative story to match them up!
Help yourself to those free resources and see what your kids come up with!

P.S. A few more pictures and ideas were added to my 100th day post.  Fully updated!  :)


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