Monday, February 27, 2012

One Fish, Two Fish, Word Family fish.

There are so many pins and posts for Dr. Seuss that mine may just be white noise.  But nonetheless, if you're still looking for something else among the masses, I'm going to share some of what we're doing this week.  Today's activity...

{One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish}

A teammate of mine found a fish coloring page & made this cute word sorting game a few years ago.
My cute-OCD wasn't a fan of the rectangles.  I cut them out completely so they can jump into a fish bowl.  About half way through cutting all of them out, her way was looking much better!  But now that they're finished, they're super cute.
I also made a capital and lowercase letter sort using the same template.
Here's 2 {different sizes} sheets of fish you can make yourself. Print on white and color yourself or print on colored paper to make cards. Possibilities are endless for their use.
There's {of course} a recording sheet. You can have the fish jump in a rhyming fish bowl or just be laid out on a table in columns. Either way, you can put these in a literacy center and hold your students accountable for their learning!

And a super cute snack idea from Simple Girl at Home.  Swedish fish & jello!


  1. Thanks for the fish ideas! I made the jello last night....and spilled it in the backseat of my car this morning, coming to a full stop in traffic! Yikes!! The swedish fish also lost their redness at the bottom of the jello. They looked like ghost fish!

    Ahhh, Monday. :-)

  2. I like your way best. (I totally would cut them out, too!)
    Very adorable.
    Mmmmmm. . . swedish fish are so yummmy.
    Dragonflies in First

  3. I love the fish pattern and have added to my fish folder so I will not have to go through every book and website to find one. Thank you. I printed them on to the colored paper and this year I am teaching 3-4 year olds so it will be interesting to see just how I will use them besides for Dr Seuss. Thanks for sharing


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