Thursday, February 02, 2012

orange day.

We had our first color day last week and started with {orange!}

For each color day I send home a paper bag with a clue.  The kids find something from home, put it in the bag and write a few hints.  Here was mine.
It was orange vampire teeth from the Halloween treasure box.  It's just a Word document with 3 simple text boxes, but click the link and you can download and edit it.  Just promise to let me know how you inevitably make it better.  :)
Some kid examples:
This one I had to share because of the replacement paper.  We must've heard 14 times that day that she had to use a post it note because her brother puked on her clue sheet.  "ALL over it.  He puked.  All over it."
What's orange day without an orange snack?!
Then we read The Carrot Seed and retold the beginning, middle and end of the story.  On a carrot of course!
 Look at those tissue paper tops...isn't it cute?!

I'm working these color days mostly in to my literacy lesson so it's just a few ideas each day.  The kids also dressed all in orange and made orange crowns for morning work.  Yay orange!


  1. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I really like the color day idea. We do a color a week at the beginning of the year with a color song, but this would be a really cute addition and the kids would love it! And I answered ALL your questions from the tag game so if you're curious come on over and take a peek :) By the way, the tagging game totally introduced me to a lot more blogging friends and got me way more excited to share my stuff. Thank you, really. You're wonderful!


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