Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year's resolutions

Happy 2012!  I rang in the new year with my parents, good friends, some bubbly, a super hyped up puppy and a sick husband.  :(  He hung in there until the ball dropped and was immediately in bed afterward.  I can't believe it but we didn't take any pictures.  Not one!

I'm back to school tomorrow even though it appears the rest of the world is off for NYE {or is it New Year's day?  I'm never really sure} and put off planning for tomorrow until the last second.  I didn't even clean up the kitchen from last night until 2pm and am still in my pajamas, yes at 9:18pm.  At least I was a good hostess last night.  That's all that counts, right?!  ;)

If you're looking for something fun to add when you go back to school in between reviewing rules, reviewing procedures, practicing procedures and reviewing rules again, I will save you time in your last few minutes of break.  There are 3 super fab ideas right here.  The first one is from yours truly to help your little ones figure out how to write a resolution and what that means.  No, you can't make a resolution to tie your shoes if you already know how to do it!
Anna Brantley {ever a favorite} also has some fun ideas on her blog.  I especially love the Bubble Map for making predictions of things that will happen in the new year.  Will someone get a new brother or sister?  What will they learn to do?  How many teeth will fall out?  I'm getting excited thinking about the possibilities of a new year just looking at it!
And Cara Carroll {The First Grade Parade} has an entire unit up for grabs.  Telling time, making words...lots of good stuff.  Some of it is a little high for my kinders but I'm definitely using her Making Words activity in a literacy center.  So great!
Happy New Year friends!  Here's to being a more loving, more patient wife, sister, daughter, teacher, friend & overall blessing in other people's lives in 2012!


  1. Very cute!! Thanks for sharing all this!
    Happy New Year!
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. Love it!! You are TOO sweet for sharing my prediction bubble map!! I hope you & your kiddos enjoy it:)



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