Monday, January 16, 2012

Martin Luther King Jr.

Yay!  It's Monday and I'm not at school...I'm blogging!!!!  :)

Last year my class created an awesome collage to celebrate diversity and show how we can all be friends with people who are different.  I just had to laminate it and save it to hang up again.  Instead of sharing the same "I have a dream writing" again I thought I'd post something I can actually share!

We made these cute peace doves as a symbol of bringing peace into our classroom family.  They're so so easy.  Cut a paper plate in half and use one half for the body.  Fold the other half in half {ha!} and glue it down for the wings.  Trace something round for a construction paper head.  Add a beak and eyes and you're done!

Then my kids wrote a sentence {of course} to tell how they would bring peace into our classroom.  I tried to encourage them to explain their thinking from "I will be friends" to "I will be friends with everyone" or "I will be friends with people who are new"...that kind of thing.

If you'd like to see the writing that I can't share {dang copyrights!} it's here.  It's from an old Mailbox magazine so if anyone finds it already online, let me know!!  :)

Enjoy your day!!

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