Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Ok.  So...I got this email today telling me that my blog has been nominated to be {2011's Most Fascinating Teaching Blog.}

Is it horrible that I'm skeptical of these things?  While part of me is like...whoa...what?!  Another part of me {maybe the part that is my mother} is saying...they send those things to everyone...they're just out to get you...it's some type of scam.

I mean, honestly, I know that sounds horrible...so I checked it out.  And it actually looks legit!  All the legal mubo jumbo is there in the {rules} and I would be OH SO flattered for this to be real.  There are zillions of teaching blogs out there and so many of you are better at posting consistently, creating new material and giving things away to your readers.  There are a good few of you that I'd give an award to, but way before myself!

For now, having looked at the criteria, I'm going to be proud of myself:

In order to be fascinating, content can’t just be useful, valuable, entertaining, educational, or interesting. These are all great traits to have but fascinating content is a mixture of these things and much more.
Fascinating content is best quantified by the physical and emotional reaction that it instills in its audience rather than particular traits of the content. Put simply, fascinating content:
  • *Inspires its audience.
  • *Creates conversation around the topic.
  • *Creates a strong emotional reaction (positive or negative)
  • *Gets shared both online and off.
Someone out there thinks my blog is inspiring, encouraging and contains genuinely fascinating content.  I mean, really, who am I to argue with that?!  ;)  Even if I can inspire one person a day or help share ideas as I get them, that's really what this blog is all about!  I've said that since my post on day one!

It's readers choice so I suppose that'll determine it in the end.  If ya'll would like to reward me with a $200 restaurant gift certificate...I won't turn it down!!

And I guess, come back on Saturday to vote for me!  No contest, no giveaway to enter if you do.  If you think my blog meets those criteria, I'd love to have your vote.  But if you think someone else who's been nominated is more deserving, that's ok, too.  That's what readers choice is all about, right?!  
choice.  ;)


  1. I am voting for you for SURE!! You are very fascinating and glamourous:) I LOVE your cute blog!!

  2. I agree with Annie. I'll make sure to vote for you this Saturday. :) What an honor! I love your blog and I only wish I could be as glamorous as you {darn my crappy feet and high arches!}

  3. Thanks to 2 of my FAVORITE ladies!!


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