Monday, January 23, 2012

{100} schedule picture cards.

100!  100!  This is my 100th post!!!!  :)  Surely no one would've noticed if I hadn't brought it to your attention, but as 100 is a major number in kindergarten...I'm celebrating!!

I fully expected my 100th post to be about the 100th day of school, but I'm not quite ready for that yet.  So then I expected it to fall on my 1st blogiversary, but I've been posting more lately and didn't want to wait another full month to post just to have those coincide.  I wanted it to be something huge, even if I'm the only one who cares if it's extra significant, and I finally decided what to share...thanks to your emails!

In my last post I linked up to walk you through a standard day in my classroom.  I posted a picture of my schedule and many of you have emailed to ask me about it.  I've always hand-written my schedule on chart paper and hung it at the front of the room but this year I have EC kids for the first time and learned very early on that even my schedule needed differentiation!  For one of my kids, getting through the whole day was so overwhelming he had a hard time focusing on what we were doing at the time.  This calendar allowed for me to take down the subject once we completed it.  The pictures also helped him to know what was coming up next and how many more things we had to do before it was time to go home.  {Bonus: it also helped the rest of my students to know what was coming up and stopped the "When's lunch?  When's recess?  Is it time to go home?" questions all day long!}

Some of the graphics are full color and others are outlines to be colored in by you.  I had to change a couple of the pictures from my original set so the graphics would all be from the same place {Lettering Delights} and not from any random Google image sources.  {I know...shame on me!}
I hang them with magnets on the back so I can pull them off the board when I'm finished.  I keep them in a pocket chart that hangs on the other side of my board for easy switching.  Since we're required to post our daily objectives for each subject as well, I write them underneath each card.

If you have any questions or I seemed to miss something please let me know!  Until next time, voting is still open for the Fascination Awards!  I've decided that if I win the gift certificate I'll give part of it away to one of you.  If not for my readers, there's no point in my posting, right?!  ;)

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