Friday, August 24, 2012

my classroom. classroom is all put together.  And let me say {once again} that I am super jealous of those of you who get access to your room all summer.  Whew...I am tired!!  But Open House was successful and {minus a few adjustments} it is done!  I think this might be my favorite classroom set up ever.

P.S. If you're following Little Miss Glamour on Facebook you'll already have seen a few previews and 2 easy Back to School centers!  ;)

Ok!  Are you excited yet??  Ready to see it?!  :)

{click on the pictures for a larger view}

{view from the front door.}
{view from the back door.}
{front wall}
Ok, now some up closeness.  ;)

{guided reading area}
{library corner...with new furniture coming soon!}
{schedule, objectives & calendar will be here}
{science, math & social studies words under the SmartBoard}

I love my framed quotes above the SmartBoard from Technology Rocks.  Seriously.

{world's easiest Back to School bulletin board & construction zone.} 
I use this bulletin board every fall.  The photos are pictures from past students engaged in math tasks, special theme days and other enticing kindergarteny activities.  The large white paper is student work telling why kindergarten {or their teacher} is awesome.  Parents love reading these!!

{student cubbies & behavior system}
{word wall & soon-to-be writing center}
{cool down corner, math tubs & front door}
{graffiti wall & pocket chart center}
{magnet center}
{creative corner for puppets, dress up & other imaginative play}
{back counter & books}
Don't you love those polka dots and letters?!  They're vinyl wall decals that go on quickly & peel off even easier.  Perfect for adding quick color!

{teacher corner.  pictures from past students above.  binders & teacher books below.}
{paper cart ie. my desk and the supply center.} 
{our school theme is all about being college bound.}
{meet me!}
Since I'm behind so many others I'm needing to play catch-up with linky parties.  Check out Teaching Blog Addict, Swimming into SecondBrigid's Daily Lesson Log and Blog Hoppin' for even more classroom pictures and ideas!!  :)


  1. Your room looks great! You have so many different areas. I love the idea of letting students/parents get to know you from the pictures on the door!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. I just LOVE photos!! And the good thing about doing it this way {as opposed to in a book} is that it's super easy to update...only print out a few new ones each year & keep adding! ;)

  2. Your room looks beautiful!! It looks very organized and colorful.

  3. Yay for an amazing room! Have a great weekend!!!! :-)

  4. I love the "college bound" board...and everything else! Your room looks awesome! :) Happy School Year!

  5. Your classroom is HUGE!!!! Oh my goodness, I am SO jealous!!! Love the pennants and your cute seating at your guided reading table. Everything looks great!!!

  6. Thanks ladies!! Yes, I know how lucky I am. But I appreciate you letting me brag!!! ;)

  7. Looks awesome! I like how you "made" bulletin boards with paper and border. I wanted to do that but never got around to it!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  8. Your room looks great! Good luck with the school year!

  9. Looks grab- thanks for linking up

  10. Beautiful! I love your graffiti wall.

  11. Your room looks fantastic. I love all of the bright colors, your reading center and the meet me pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    ✰ Stacy

    Simpson Superstars


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