Tuesday, August 07, 2012

puppet pals.

Today I have another fun iPad app to share. If I haven't convinced you to get one yet, this just might do the trick. And if you don't have the cash, try Donor's Choose!  They're amazing!!!

I didn't learn about Puppet Pals until the very end of the year last year so I don't have any kid plays to show you. But don't worry. I've made up my own. :)

The app is free but I recommend upgrading to the Director's Cut for $2.99 to get additional characters & settings.  There are farm animals, fairy tale creatures, talk show hosts, political figures, monsters, holiday characters & more.  With each set of characters you also have matching settings for the backdrop.  The creation scene looks like this:
but nothing outside of the frame is shown in your presentation. As you can see from my example...
{click to see my video example}

Besides being SUPER fun & easy you can use this app to review history lessons, guided reading books or favorite stories.  Students can act out what happened, write their own stories or demonstrate how they think a familiar story should've ended. Groups of kids can work cooperatively on a presentation or it can be reserved as a reward for your creative types who just want to do what they want on their own...after their class work is finished.

My favorite part is that you can upload your own pictures for characters AND settings. Reenact a class trip, summarize a special theme day or tell about a typical day in your classroom using your actual room & students!  They will LOVE seeing themselves in a movie.  I mean...who wouldn't?!  ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing Kristin! I too love the iPad and have found it very helpful in the classroom...just wish I had more than one! :-) Anyway, not sure if you know about the app 'TechChef4u', but you should check it out. It's an app that you can search free educational apps by grade and subject area. Also, 'Toontastic' is a great app to help students create stories and remember them as they write them out. I'm sure you're probably all over this, but on the slim chance you hadn't heard, I wanted to share. Cheers!


    1. Thanks Amanda! Those are great ideas! I'll have to look them up. :)

  2. Hi Kristin,i am a fun of a puppet show and glad that i accidentally land in your blog.I've learned a lot.

    Aya from block letters for nursery


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