Tuesday, August 14, 2012

To Facebook or NOT to Facebook?

That is the question for YOU.

I've noticed a new trend of some teachers creating Facebook pages for their blogs.  I'm debating going down that route but am not fully convinced yet.  I've talked to a few other teachers who have done it but {duh} you are really the only ones that matter!  {Don't tell them I said that!!!}

Would it be helpful for you if I created a Facebook page?  Would it be easier to follow and know when I've posted?  Are you interested in random postings from me {ie. teacher ecards, education quotes &  things that make me laugh}

Or do find it annoying to see teachery things in your newsfeed?  Do you prefer to just shut down your teacher-brain and look at pictures of your friends' babies, pets and desserts?

Let me know!  Whatever you want...shall be done.  :)

{I have been uber busy with "new teacher" trainings and trying to move all of my classroom stuff out of the house and into my new classroom.  But that means decoration pictures of all my fab stuff will be coming your way soon!!!}
Ok ok...I've also been watching the Spice Girls reunion from the Closing Ceremonies on a daily basis.  You should NOT be surprised!  ;)


  1. I have a FB page for the blog and it helps when I can throw a question out there and get a response... I like the "immediate" feedback of it, and the conversational quality of it. Just my 2cents. :)

    I Love My Classroom

  2. I usually use FB to see who has a new post before looking around bloggy world! It is easier to know when someone has a new post. Good luck deciding!

    Be A Nut With Mrs McNutt

  3. Don't worry I do the same thing. My boyfriend is sick and tired of me watching it multiple times a day.

  4. I have been wondering the same thing. I actually like knowing when someone has a new post/item/freebie. I don't use reader to often and if I don't subscribe by email to a blog this has helped to keep up with awesome blogs. So I'm thinking I just might create one.

    Little Treasures

  5. Facebook page!!! Much easier to know when there is a new post. I just had a fabulous idea too. In an attempt to not sound like a total creep I thought it would be kinda neat to see how you manage to keep your fashion and be a teacher. I find I fall into a rut with my clothes real fast.

  6. I dowloaded one of your items from TPT and put pictures of it hanging up in my classroom on my blog! Just thought you might like to see your hard work paying off and being used in someone else's classroom (I know I would if it were me!). Stop by and check it out if you want to!!

    Lauren C

  7. I like having a FB page. It's easy to throw something up quick or if I have something small to show that's not worthy of a full blog post. And I love the Spice Girls!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  8. As a non blogger I prefer to keep them separate. I like to use my blog reader for school stuff and my fb for personal.

  9. Anonymous9:17 PM

    I love Facebook Pages. That is all. :-D Actually, I'm in agreement with those who said they read blog posts more often when they see them shared on FB. I'm not a Google Reader user either, and usually find myself reading friends' blogs when I see them share it on FB or Twitter. All this coming from a geek who is on multiple social networks every day, managing FB Pages and whatnot for companies and organizations. ;-)


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