Friday, August 03, 2012

bye-bye boring white.

I have a conspiracy theory against spray paint. I don't believe it covers half as much area as it says it does because I have yet to complete a project without running out of color half-way through. Also, sprays at any angle? Ha! True, it may actually come out of the nozzle upside down but the coverage is all different which results in drips and inconsistency. {huff!} Nevertheless I continue to attempt craft projects that involve the stuff. {although after the rubber-bands-on-the-glass-vase fiasco of 2011 that one is forever banned in our household.}

So many of your classrooms have themes that I've been thinking about which I want to incorporate. And to be honest, I just can't land on one. I love Dr. Seuss but don't want him up all year long. I am not all about birds and owls {no offense to my Anthro friends} and - though I love them - I think I'd get sick of seeing pirates, campers or farm animals up all year. The only ones I really love are the super girly pink & zebra themes but all I can envision are boys throwing tantrums and never wanting to come to school.
{disclaimer: that was only my personal opinion so please don't tattle on me to the principal if you chose one of the aforementioned themes.  I'm sure it is darling!}

What seems to work best for me is color. Bright ones.

{interjecting again.  please note: my mother-in-law and sister-in-law are living with us for the summer.  please excuse all of the "stuff" in the background that is generally not there.}

I started with this secondhand bookshelf & decided wood shouldn't be too hard to paint.

Adding the wrapping paper to the top with Modge Podge...a bit trickier.  Start with a piece that hangs over the edges a little more than you need.
I suggest rolling it down a little bit at a time to minimize the air bubbles underneath & keep it smoother.
After sticking the top down, go side to side & stick them down as well.  Once it's dry, use an exacto knife to cut off the excess.
{Another theory, people who smoothly cover things in Modge Podge with no bubbles are not real people. It requires some kind of magical touch to make that happen.}
Since I still had spray paint in multiple colors I decided to go ahead and try updating my sterlite drawers. Not too bad...until I ran out of my 2nd can of Mambo Pink. I chose these 4 colors because they're the colors of my guided reading groups.
I may attempt the cute scrapbook paper lining for the drawers...but I need a few non-crafting days first. ;)

If you have any tips or tricks {and have actually made it to the end of the post despite today's sassy attitude} I would LOVE to hear them.

And I promise to just listen, nod my head & smile.


  1. They look great - I can't even see the bubbles! ;)

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. Lol I loved all of the commentary! Crafting is hard work!

  3. The bookshelf looks fabulous! I want one!!

    Speaking of themes--I can't really have one, my room is painted floor to ceiling with an outdoor scene: grass, rolling hills, blue skies, clouds, purple mountains, a rainbow, furry creatures along the floor, trees with rope swings, a few fences and a train track. It's gorgeous, but limits my choices. I've covered my bulletin boards with paper that is the same blue color as the sky paint. This year, I'm adding polka dot borders. Go, bright colors!!

  4. I am with you on not having a theme of animals or characters, I love incorporating those elements in the units as we go through the year. I enjoy using more of a color scheme approach to my classroom. This year I focused on a aqua blue and springy green with hints of subtle grey. I am hoping these colors are inviting yet calming. We will see how that works out! :)

    I am a new to the blogging world and would love it if you stopped by!

    Fantastic First Grade Friends

  5. I love your book shelf. It is beautiful. Just remember our daily critics are under the age of 7. They won't ever see bubbles and such. They are going to LOVE your colorful shelf.

  6. What a cute project! I also LoVe the wrapping paper! Could you share where you found it? I'm in the same boat about a theme. I decided that I'm going for a polka dot rainbow because I had a hard time picking 1-2 colors. I can wait to see pics of your classroom :0)


  7. Thanks ladies! The wrapping paper is by American Greetings. I think I got it from Target but I'm not positive. When I see something cute I just buy it! ;)


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