Saturday, May 25, 2013

Crayola goodness {on the cheap!}

It is no secret that I lu-uh-uv Crayola.  I won't use any other type of crayon, marker or colored pencil in my classroom and would rather spend my own money to buy replacements than use other brands that my kids donate because I can not stand a waxy, icky picture.  {teacher problems.}  My friends & family even think that my car smells like crayons even though I have looked multiple time and have never found a crayon rolling around in there in 10 years!!!
And now that I know how to get Crayola products on the cheap, I also love Zulily!!  Crayola is featured today...look at some of these deals.

{$7 dry erase ABC book - perfect for beginning of the year or reteach centers!}
{ABC & 123 floor mats - $7 for student made anchor charts!}
{3D chalk - $8.99 instead of $18! - so much outside fun!}

{mp3 player - $33 instead of $50 - hello listening center!}

{kid safe digital camera - $23 instead of $60!!}
{crayon aprons - $15 instead of $27 - hello art center!}
{ah-dorable crayon holders for portable centers - 50% off!!}
Zulily also has awesome deals on other clothes, adult clothes & maternity, home organizers {score!} & kitchen gadgets...books, art supplies & other toys.  As we good teachers know, anything great for home is even awesomer at school, am I right?!
I will say, if there's something you want, don't hesitate in adding it to your cart.  I've been cautious in the past and when I go back, they're sold out.  Good deals go quickly!  Click on any of the pictures to go to Zulily and check it out.  Membership are free and they're great about not sending a ridiculous amount of emails.And you can keep your receipt for a tax supplies!!!  ;) 


  1. Kristin, thanks for sharing this! I'm really interested in that MP3 player. Do you happen to have it already in your classroom? I'm wondering how well it works. My reader told me the screen looks tiny. I'm just wondering how well the kids can see it.

    Also, I wanted to mention that I've gotten involved with EducationWorld Exchange
    . It's a really cool teacher resource web site built by EdWorld. If you have a second, you might want to check it out and see if there's anything there that you can use.

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT
    Teaching with Sight

  2. Hey Sharon. The screen on the MP3 player is small. But all they really need to see is the title. If I use it for a listening center, the screen won't really matter. The buttons are color coded, though, which is helpful! If I end up purchasing it, I'll let you know my personal review. ;) Thanks for letting me know about Education World Exchange. I'll check that out.

    Hope you're doing well and are close to the end of your year!!! :)


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