Saturday, May 18, 2013

teaching adjectives.

My kids were having a hard time grasping how to add detail.  {I'm learning that it's a common ESL mistake to invert the sentences and write them out of order.  Never had to deal with this before!}  So we spent an entire week breaking down adjectives based on our five senses.  Each day we focused on one type of adjective and created an anchor chart where we brainstormed descriptive words and gave examples.

We practiced saying a sentence in the proper order to our elbow buddies then I let them choose words from the anchor chart to write their own sentences for practice.  I collected the pages and put them together so they could practice reading and saying detailed sentences at home.

Ours were practical but not super cute because they were just made on lined paper.  {And you know it was a busy busy week if I didn't remember to take any pictures!}

But I made this booklet for you so yours will be fab.  :)  Your kids can write detail words in the box as you brainstorm then practice writing sentences on the lines.  The point is to practice, they don't have to all be connected like in a story.  {ie. Socks smell stinky.  A cake smells delicious.  Lemonade smells fruity.  My mom smells fancy.}

OR if your students grasp the concept a little quicker, they can draw a picture in the box and write about it using lots of different descriptive words - like how a pizza party smells, tastes, sounds, etc.

However you choose to use it, enjoy your freebie, friends!

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