Monday, January 28, 2013

Teachers Supporting Teachers - Update!

I am SO pleased.  I started the Teachers Supporting Teachers campaign in December after the shooting that occurred in Newton, Connecticut.  After a month of donating proceeds and collecting it from everyone who participated, I am happy to announce that not only did we meet my $1,000 goal but we have more than DOUBLED it...we raised $2,155 for the teachers and students of Sandy Hook!

Be sure to follow the blogs of the wonderful ladies who participated.  You know they have good hearts since they donated a month's worth of sales so selflessly!!

Before I announce the winner, a quick question.  I'm working on a Sight Word packet but want to tailor it toward specific grades.  I'm making a Kinder, 1st and 2nd version.  How do you choose your Sight Word lists?  Dolch?  Frye?  Combination?  How many words are on your list for the year?

Now for the winner of the $20 Target gift card!
{drum roll please...}
Number 11...Kyp McLaren of Mrs. McLaren's Little Superheroes!  :)  Thank you to Kyp & everyone else who linked up, made purchases, donated their proceeds or spread the word about the campaign!!  Think of the lives you'll change and the hope you'll bring!!


  1. Wow! Thanks! Now I'll go shop for some goodies!

  2. Kristin,
    Our district decides on our list. Currently, we are using the lists from our new reading series. My best guess it is probably a little of both. We have 51 words on our new kindergarten list. This year, most of my little people know over 30 right now and we still have most of a semester left. Hope this helps! Thanks again for organizing the effort for Sandy Hook!!

  3. Our district decides our list as well. This year we moved to Fry words. Kindergarten does the first 100, but so does first grade. And then 2nd grade does the 2nd 100. I'm sure it will change next year, things aways seem to!

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

  4. Kristin,

    My district decides our list too. We have 30 words on that list, but I add lots of others, such as color words, number words, and words that always come up when we're writing...can you imagine writing in Kindergarten without the word play?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, ideas and materials with us!



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