Monday, December 17, 2012

Teachers Supporting Teachers {fundraising campaign for CT}

As I looked through my blogroll on Sunday all I saw were hearts.  Symbols of our day of silence for Sandy Hook.  Symbols of love for the families there.  Symbols of support for the teachers who were lost and those who are still there who will enter the building today or tomorrow or in the new year, trying to start again and rebuild.  Trying to feel safe in their classrooms.  Trying to heal.

If you ask me why I started a teaching blog I'll say it's because I had good ideas to share and I wanted to help other teachers.  If you ask me why I stayed - through all the copyright battles, the negative feedback and frustrations from the technology we love to hate - I'll say it's because of the network.  This network of amazing educators that opened their blog worlds and their classrooms for anyone who cared to take a peek.  This community of educators all across the country that have sent encouraging messages, helped answer technical questions and been a shoulder, an ear and a friend I could turn to on the good, the tough and the not so great school days.  These teacher bloggers that I've met online yet may never actually be lucky enough to hug in person.  You are the reason I've stayed.  You are my community and support.

And I'm challenging us to take the next step in encouraging our friends, sisters and brothers in Newtown, Connecticut.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about the horrible tragedy that happened there on December 14th and I've been up at night trying to figure out what I could do.  Because the support and love I've witnessed and seen myself in this blogging community tells me that we can do more than cry and think and pray.

Together, we can do something big - in a major way - to support our friends at Sandy Hook.

Teachers Supporting Teachers
{use the code below to add this button to your blog or FB page to direct others to this post}

From now through January 14th, I encourage you to set aside a portion of your proceeds to be sent to Sandy Hook Elementary.  To help them rebuild, regroup and heal.  Decide on a percentage {be it 5, 50 or 100%} and promote the campaign.  Use the image above on your blog, in your Teachers Pay Teachers stores, in your Teacher's Notebook stores, via Facebook, Twitter, Instragram and Pinterest.  Send an email to all of your followers and ask them to clear out their wishlists.  I can't think of anything more motivating than knowing that not only do I get to finally get that fabulous unit I've had my eye on, but that in spending those few dollars, I'll also be contributing to the students in Connecticut.
Link up your blog or TpT store to the linky party below then send your friends and family members to this post, where a master list of all participants will be kept.  Encourage non-teacher friends to buy a literacy or math unit from any one of the participating bloggers to send to their child's teacher for Christmas or a "Just because we appreciate you" gift.  How many of us would not be thrilled to receive a new unit from TpT or TN in our inbox?!

{{This giveaway has expired.}}

After collecting for a month, participating teachers will transfer their donations to my PayPal account and I'll send one large transfer to Sandy Hook, with the names of all teachers, sellers and bloggers who are behind them.  {I'll take a screen shot of my account and keep you informed every step of the way with our final donation.}

Let's show the teachers of Sandy Hook that we, too, feel a personal hurt for what happened because we know that any one of us could've been in the same situation and we would've done the exact same thing to protect our students at any cost.  Let's show them that we're proud of their strength and hold them high as heroes.

Thank you for linking up.  I know already that this is going to be amazing.


  1. This is so sweet Kristin, you have me in tears. I am linking up my store and will blog about this too. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Hadar!! I so appreciate your participation!!! :)

  3. This is wonderful...thank you so much for organizing this. I linked up my store and just blogged about it, too.


  4. What a wonderful thing to do! I don't have a teaching blog or tpt store, but I sure can help out by purchasing from these wonderful teachers! I will also put this on my facebook to help spread the word.

    1. Thank you Tonya! That's fantastic. I would LOVE you to share it on your page!! :)

  5. This is a very gracious and compassionate response to the unthinkable. This morning I was able to get the button and links installed on my blog post that aired last night. Thank you for orchestrating the effort. I hope that others will be led to join and lend their creativity for good.

    Debbie Clement

  6. Kristin,

    Thank you so much for doing this! I have linked up to my TpT store and I will also be donating 100% of my earnings. I will post about this on my blog later from home.

    Lil' Country Kindergarten

  7. I just read this on Deedee's blog and this tugged on my heart-strings. Thank you for organizing this and I will be donating a generous portion of my sales this next month.

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

  8. Hi, I also just read this on Deedee's blog. I signed up to donate 100% of my sales to this effort. Thank you so much for helping all of us help others!
    Mrs. McLaren's Little Super Stars

  9. I also just read about this on Deedee's blog. I would be honoured to help.
    We have heard about Sandy Hook here in Australia and are deeply saddened by what has happened.

    Classroom Fun

  10. I do not have a TPT store. I am from Brisbane Australia and I send my heartfelt prayers to all affected by the events at Sandy Hook Elementary. i commit to pray for all those who have been affected. XX Sending you all hugs xx

  11. I just signed up to donated 100% of my earnings to Sandy Hook Elementary! Thanks for helping initiate this effort!!!! I would feel so honored to help in ANY way!!!

    Lori Hovey

  12. I was planning on doing this from the 14th through the end of the year, but I like the idea of a whole month even better! I will be linking up soon!

  13. What a sweet and thoughtful idea Kristin! I don't have a TPT or TN store but will definitely be making purchases from teachers who do and will share it on my Twitter account :) Good for you for setting this up!

    Miss L
    Miss L’s Whole Brain Teaching

  14. Hey! I just saw a blog comment and followed your link. I don't have a TpT store either but like Miss L I will definitely be checking out all of those TpT stores that are participating. What a great way to show our support, great idea!!!

    Sent From My iPad

  15. Wow, what a great idea! I do not have a TpT store, but I will post the link around to spread the word.

  16. I love reading your articles.. they are very interesting..
    Pune'S Top Preschool


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