Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Christmas math.

Pretty sure I've mentioned before that I'm not crazy about our math curriculum.  There are some great games and activities that the kids like to play but there are also some major holes as well as places that it just drags on too long.  Lucikly for you...that means making up new math centers...just in time for the holidays!  :)

{wreath counting}
Cut a wreath out of construction paper.  Write a number on the bow.  Let students use red finger paint to count berries and make an equal set!

Or if you don't want to cut them out yourself, click on the wreath below for a printable version.  ;)

{Christmas cookies}
Make some cookies - using holiday themed die cuts or by printing a coloring page like this one - then let the kids decorate them with "frosting" & "sprinkles."
Put the cookies on a baking sheet {tin foil} and write a number sentence!

The original idea came from Kinder by Kim and it was tweaked for our math practice.

{present representations}
To meet Common Core K.OA.3 use this present outline to represent a number in multiple ways.  Students can either show the amount using simple visuals {draw a picture set in one box, write the number word in one box, mark tallies in one box and write the numeral in another box} or...

If your students are ready for addition and subtraction, they can show multiple ways to make the amount using number sentences!
{candy cane measurement}
Measuring is always more fun with candy!  I like these sticks as opposed to the actual canes because they give a clearer starting point and end point.  First we went around the room and measured random objects.
Then we lined up ALL of our candy sticks up to measure the length of the whole room!

Use this sheet to measure the items in your classroom.  Bonus: some of the items are so large it takes teamwork and collaborating with a buddy to get it right.  ;)
{decorate the Christmas tree}
My kids loooove this counting activity on SmartExchange.  If you have a SmartBoard, you have to do it.  Your kids will flip.

If you don't have a SmartBoard, use this printable instead.  Roll a dice {or two} then put that many ornaments on the tree.  Your kids can color ornaments, glue foam ornaments or use plastic pieces to move on and off like a gameboard.

{shave Santa's beard}
This is a counting game I adapted into an addition and subtraction activity.  Roll a dice and place that many cotton balls on Santa's beard.  When his beard is full, you win!

For more of a challenge, add a + / - dice along with your dot cube.  The game will take longer as students sometimes add cotton balls and sometimes give Santa a shave by taking them away!

Click on any of the pictures for all 5 printable pages.  All free.  Enjoy this time with your students and Merry Christmas!  :)


  1. Thanks for all the fun math activities....really love that smartboard one, plan to use it with my 4K students next week.

  2. These are awesome math activities! Thank you for the great freebies, too!

    Jen's Kinder Kids

  3. My kids will love that Smartboard activity as well! Thank you for sharing all those great math ideas-I need to spice up our math lessons a little bit! :)


  4. I couldn't get the santa face to print correctly either. Does anyone know where else (or how else) I could print it? I love the putting on and taking off idea! :) I am picturing it like a squished number line. Hooray! Thanks for the ideas.

  5. The Santa beard isn't part of my download so you won't find it with the other files. {you were able to open those, right??] If it's not printing from the website I linked to try Googling "Santa countdown beard" and hopefully you can find one that will print!


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