Monday, December 03, 2012

'Tis the season to get freebies

Fa la la la la la la la la!

It was SEVENTY degrees here in NC today.  70 degrees on December 3rd!  Crazy town.  It makes it a touch difficult to get into the Christmas spirit when you're at recess getting a tan but luckily here are some downloads that will make it easier!

First off...Currently with Farley.  I love that this month she's asked everyone to tell where they're from.  I am visiting ALL of my NC friends so link up ladies!!  ;)

Heather at Teaching My 3 is doing a 12 Days of Freebies link up.  I've already posted a few.  Be sure to check back each day for the freebie theme.
Beth at Thinking of Teaching is doing a Sleigh Full of Goodies blog hop so check her blog out each day for even more holiday related goodness.

Plus here's a freebie to get you started.  :)  We'll be using it during writing to list things our elf needs to do at Santa's workshop to get ready for Christmas Eve!  {Deanna Jump has an adorable elf craftivity to use with an elf list but we're adding this page to our Elf on the Shelf journals.  Check out TPT for her patterns.}


  1. You're my two before me. :) I love love love your page! It's so super cute. 70 in North Carolina is crazy but what about the 62 we had in Ohio today?

  2. I would love to start Elf on a Shelf with my 1st but not very creative with what to have him do. You said you get to do it for the first time this year, what are you all planning? It was 55 today here in Iowa. We need the snow so bad!
    Thanks for the freebie, Jackie

    1. Hey Jackie! Google Elf on the Shelf - or search for it on Pinterest - there are zillions of ideas out there!! I have mine in a different place when my kids come in each morning so they have to look for him. (If you can get someone else to move him while you're at lunch they will flip out!) :) I mostly just use him for writing and behavior. I pick a kid each day who has been really good to get to talk to him and give him a message to tell Santa that night. Other than that, I just use the packet I made as writing activities!

  3. Were having warm weather here in NE too. Your so sweet with your RAK. Have a great holiday season!

  4. Hey fellow NC friend! :) This 70 degree weather is Ca-razy! Especially because I just moved down 1.5 years ago from Upstate, NY.. where we had school in 4 feet of snow! Last Year, a snow day called before it actually snowed had me rolling on the floor, cracking up! And then it barely even snowed which made it even better!! Where in NC do you teach?

    I TOTALLY agree with the flats! I'm looking for some sweet zebra or cheetah print ones! :) Wishing you a fabulous Holiday!!

    Primary Teacherhood

  5. I feel you when it comes to being able to fit in all of the Christmas stuff in before break. I want to do so much but I know that I wont have enough time. I also am in need of a work day. That would be so nice. We never get work days anymore either. We have those teachers that would walk around and gossip and not actually work on their rooms so they have done away with them. I hate how a few bad apples can ruin things for the whole bunch. I love flats! I am always in search of cute new ones.


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