Saturday, December 29, 2012

NYE fun for kids {and kids at heart}

As far back as I can remember, our family did New Year's Eve together.  We might've been at home or at grandma's house, but the elements were the same...board games, snack foods, silly hats, making our own mock TV broadcast and lots and lots of laughing.  As we got older and started going on dates or out to parties for NYE, it always felt foreign not to be at home.  And now that my sister and I both have families of our own it's rare for us to all be together for NYE.

But this year...we are.  :)

Here are some fun ideas for your family to do together or to keep your kids entertained if you're headed out on the town.  Either way, be sure to kiss someone you love at midnight and drive safely!

{keep 'em busy til midnight}
This is especially great if you're leaving your kids with a babysitter because it gives them plenty to do for each hour until the ball drops.  You could put a movie, a fun snack or noise blowers inside.
{from Hoosier Homemade}
For a few moments of quiet, see who can complete this scavenger hunt first!  If you're missing some things around your home, turn on the Rockin New Year's Eve broadcast and you'll be sure to spot the rest.
{by Hewlett Packard}
New Year's Eve BINGO is another good game that will last for a while.
If your kids need to get some energy out after playing a few quiet games, roll out the left over bubble wrap from your holiday packages and let them go wild!
{from Martha}
Every kid loves bowling but it can be noisy and expensive.  This toilet paper snowman bowling game is perfect for kids of any age and is soft enough that nothing will get broken while you're rolling those strikes.
{video footage courtesy of The Today Show}

{decorative bling}
Never underestimate the power of good old balloons.  As champagne bubbles, a room filler, to add table height or to hold your confetti until midnight.  Balloons are cheap, come in any color scheme and can be used as another child-occupier once their duty as decoration is finished.

And what's New Year's Eve {or any party really} without confetti??  Make your own by punching circles from various types of paper and use it as decoration on your tables or keep it up in little bags ready to be thrown when the ball drops.  Don't worry so much about the mess...enter your next game for kids.  Whoever picks up the most pieces gets a prize!  ;)

For more glitzy decorations, use sequins or little mirrors to make your own personal disco balls!  Styrofoam balls are cheap in any floral section or you can use that old Christmas ornament that nobody really likes anymore anyway!

{festive foods}
Whatever you choose to serve {it's always finger foods in our house} if you're having people over, Chickabug has made a great guide for how much to buy.  I pinned this immediately for future reference!

{what to wear}
It's a little {only a little} too bad that we're not going out on the town this year because the sequin dresses that are super on trend are RIGHT up my alley!!  Super classy with high necklines, sleeves and varying lengths, I want to get one just to wear around the house.

 {dresses by: Ralph Lauren, Badgley Mischka & TFNC}

And party hats.  Obviously.  A party supply store or basic paper hat is your best bet but if you don't have time to go out and get them, a make-shift base will do.  Add feathers, glitter, sequins, tinsel, stickers or anything else you can find that will make you feel fancy.

When in doubt, throw some glitter on for pizzaz and no one will notice anything else.  ;)

Happy New Year friends!  Here's to making a difference in 2013!!!


  1. Kristin, I just love this post. Those dresses are too cute! You are such an inspiration and I am so happy to be one of your trusty followers! Maybe one day my 24 followers will be almost 800 too! (A girl can dream!) Thanks for always sharing your awesome ideas and thoughts! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. You've got a great compilation of ideas here Kristin! I think I love how simple the stryofoam mirrored ball is!
    -Leslie @KindergartenWorks

  3. So fun--thanks for sharing all those ideas!

  4. Wow- this post is FANTASTIC! Lots of terrific ideas! I must have a big party next year to try these out. :)

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  6. I love the Scavenger Hunt, but I can't figure out where it actually is linked to to print! It takes me to snapfish, but not to the file! HELLLLLLLLLLLLP! :)


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