Sunday, January 13, 2013

Flash Sale: Teachers Supporting Teachers

The Teachers Supporting Teachers campaign wraps up tomorrow!  My goal is to raise $1000 to send to Sandy Hook Elementary and we are close!  We have one more day to see if we can hit the goal...and then some.

If you have any items in your TpT wishlist, now is the time to get them from these 18 teachers who are donating their proceeds.  A few of us are throwing sales today and tomorrow to get as much of a donation as we can!
{get to the stores by clicking on the images above to be taken to the linky party}

If you want to link up to give but haven't yet, it ISN'T too late! You can link up here or follow the steps below to make your transfer.

Log in to your TpT account & click on My Sales.
Then View Transaction Details.

Click on Check my Sales and filter the dates to start December 14th & end January 14th.  That will give you your total sales & earnings for the month we committed to donating!

To transfer to the funds {so I can send one large check from all of us} log in to your PayPal account & click on Send Money at the top.

Put my email { } in the To box and the amount you raised in the Amount box.  Click on the Personal tab and choose either Gift or Other, it's up to you.

That should be it!  :)  You can always email me with questions and there is still time to sign up!  :)  If you promote it on your blog and leave the link on the Teachers Supporting Teachers post you can still be entered to win the Target gift card!  :)

Thank you friends.  Thanks for helping to make a positive difference in the midst of a horrible situation.


  1. Sent :) Thanks for organizing this!


  2. Kristin,

    Thanks for doing this! I think it is great. My sales are not that great since I'm new to TPT, but I did make a donation. However, don't include me in your Target card drawing. Let it be for someone who had a bigger donation/sales that I did!


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