Saturday, February 02, 2013

Sight Word Dictionaries {dolch & fry}

My latest labor of love...  :)  I got so much great feedback on my Facebook page by asking about the sight word lists you all use in your classrooms.  And I hope I have accommodated everyone with my new sight word dictionaries!!

All of the packets include dictionary pages for each word with a place to read, trace and write or finish a phrase or sentence using the word in context.  There is also a large picture space for the students to draw meaningful pictures.  It is important that these dictionaries are personal to each student so it is more than okay if each child's picture or sentence is varied!  In fact, they should have differences.  Whatever will help that child understand what the sight word means - as long as it shows the right meaning - is ok!  :)  There are also a few different covers to choose from and flashcards of the words that you can put in a word work center or send home with your students.  They are color coded in case you end up getting more than one list and want to keep them OCD tendencies helping your organization!!

My ESL {English as Second Language} students have benefited from these SO much.  The phrases and sentences are very simple and often include other sight words.  Even if the phrases or sentences seem too simple for your students' reading levels, remember that the focus is on learning the sight words, so you don't want them to struggle with recalling the sentence.  Use your guided reading time to push them.  ;)

These can be kept at school, in your students' individual book bins or book baggies for independent reading time or they can be kept in homework folders.  Your students can add words at school with you then take them home to practice and study.  As of now, the dictionaries are available for....

{Dolch Pre-Primer}

{Dolch Primer}

{Fry Lists 1 & 2}

{Color Words & Numbers 0-10}

This totally came about as a fluke when I pulled out copy paper during Guided Reading one day because my ESL students were mixing up every sight word we'd introduced so far.  Once they had the words in an example sentence and a picture that made sense to!  We're reading!!  :)  Please let me know how you like them and if you see your students' Sight Word fluency increase like mine did!!  This is by FAR one of my favorite creations...ev-er.  Check out more K faves at the Kindergarten Works Show & Tell party!!


  1. These look great! Fry... Dolch.... What do I use? Thanks for sharing. All this talk about a tpt sale, I didn't know football was even on!lol
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

    1. Use whichever you use in class. Or - if you're like me & you made up your own list ;) - Google Dolch & Fry to see the words on each list and get the one with the words on your word wall! And if you'll end up needing more than one, I suggest buying them while they're on sale! :)

  2. Great idea to color code them. Brilliant - this idea is great!

  3. Love, love, love!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!!


  4. These are great! I love them! Definitely will be using them! Thank you for sharing :)


    Teaching with Grace


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