Monday, February 04, 2013

Arctic & Antarctic animals

After Christmas break we studied penguins, polar bears and other winter animals.  I thought I'd already shared this with you...but apparently I was wrong!!!

The template is included in 2 different sizes.  We used to the larger one above.  Either way, your students {or you} can choose the animals to display because they won't all fit.  A list of animals is included so you know who lives where without having to look them all up.  I also put a short description of what they look like so you know how to color them...but I still recommend pulling up photos of the animals in Google if you can.  Kids love seeing the pictures of animals that they may never have seen before!  Poles Apart is a great nonfiction resource with fabulous photographs and direct comparisons of the north and south poles if you're looking for a text to go with it.

Get the packet in my TpT's store.  Introductory 20% sale now through Thursday night!  ;)

We also did this ahdorable activity I found on Pinterest when we moved into hibernating animals.  So so cute.  The printables are included in Amy's original post.  There's another version going around Pinterest with the words already typed up as labels but I think the kids get a little more out of writing it themselves.  Plus...look how cute.  :)

Now it's time to celebrate the 100th day of school and Valentine's Day!!  From one celebration to the next, right?!  That's how I like to teach anyway!  ;)

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  1. Both are so cute Kristin! I love that Arctic/ Antarctic activity. SO cute!
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