Wednesday, May 18, 2011

strawberry day.

It was strawberry day in K-Town this week and the most important part of the day was...
...brand new rain boots from Target.

It was sloshy, muddy and puddly at the farm after a crazy rain the night before but it stayed dry in the sky while we were picking berries so I have to say it was a success!

We read The little mouse, the red ripe strawberry & the big hungry bear by Audrey Wood then created our own red ripe strawberries.  Did you know that using strawberry Jello-O on your glue dots not only makes realistic looking seeds but that they'll SMELL like real strawberries too?!

Of course I had to put some writing behind it.  :)  The first page tells a way the mouse tried to be selfish with the strawberry.  The second page tells what the kids would do with their red, ripe strawberry.  {much sharing ensued, of course....ahh, kindergarten!}
And what's a strawberry day without Strawberry Shortcake?!

 It was a berry fun day!


  1. WAAAAY too much fun!

  2. I love all this! Sorry that you were not one of the first four. I thank you for adding me. I will let you know that I am doing a give - away next week. Keep checking back for that. Have a nice weekend and thanks again!

  3. very nice and fresh idea!


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