Tuesday, May 31, 2011

SmartBoard Linky Party!!

Ok.  I am psyched!!  After sadly walking the 3-5 hallway all year, passing room after room of unused SmartBoards, the K-2 teams finally received ours today!  Ok, so we spent the day buddied up across the hall with a first grade classroom while they installed it.  Admittedly, we didn't get done nearly as many of our circus activities as planned.  Yes, we spent the entire afternoon Googling, YouTubing and playing around.  Regrettably, we even missed the afternoon announcements because we were so engrossed in exploring...we are JUST! SO! EXCITED!

{please don't look at the mess of our front wall.  the workers accidentally knocked a bunch of things down when installing and I was too excited to wait until I hung it all back up!}  ;)

Only...now what?

I can write, erase and search for topics in the SmartNotebook software and I can use the internet to pull up videos.  I even figured out how to hook up my SmartSlate and convince my kinders that it's my magic powers which allow the mouse to mysteriously do whatever I say.  But I KNOW there is so much more than that.  So I'm hosting my first ever Linky Party in the hope that we can learn and share from each other and put this technology to even better use.  I would like to know the following {and then some}:

*What is your favorite SmartBoard activity?
*Where is the best place to download new lessons?
*What is the coolest trick you've learned?
*How do you create new interactive centers?
*Anything else you want to share!!!


  1. Just a bloggy reader..dont have my own..yet..but I heart mrs sears smartboard resources! they rock!!


    hope it works!!!

  2. I thought I commented on this before...and now its gone! I reccommended Mrs. Sears smartboard site....if you didnt get comment 1 let me know and I will get you the address. its AMAZING...I use it all the time!!

  3. Kristin,
    Thanks for commenting on our blog about this! We LOVE our SMARTboard and do all kinds of stuff! WE are hoping to share bunches on our blog! We have some cool stuff for Smartboard onTPT- even some circus stuff! We have a huge circus unit in our kindergarten! We plan on putting our unit on TPT over the summer! Thanks again!!!! Would you consider adding us to your blog list? We will add you and we now follow your cute blog, too!


Thanks for the comments! {like virtual hugs}

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